[RESPONDED] AMD, Fedora 39 Beta and External Montors

I am having multiple issues with Fedora 39 Beta and the AMD board and external monitors.

I have two monitors running on HDMI and on a fresh boot they work. Their settings are not always remembered as far as which is where and orientation so sometimes I have to set them again on boot.

Another issue is if I step away for a few and come back, the monitors will come back on and be using a much smaller resolution with me not able to set it back correctly. Even a reboot doesn’t fully fix this I have to shutdown fully and boot back up.

The second issue I’ve also encountered a few times and happens usually when I come down in the morning from the machine sitting over night. The monitors will turn back on but will flash black every second or so never stopping until a full reboot.

Thank you for your help.

This is happening using HDMI expansion card cards or with a dock/hub? The behavior feels like power behavior I’ve seen with docks. I ask as we test against our expansion cards, but are limited with what we can do with third party docks unless we had them during testing.

I am using two Gen. 3 HDMI cards hooked directly to monitors.

Okay, thanks for the update. Let’s do a quick check of a few things:

  • Kernel in use; should be 6.5.9 or 6.5.10.

  • Using PPD (power-profiles-daemon) only, not using TLP as stated here.

  • We can also check for errors from the previous boot or after it happens and you need to reboot.

journalctl -b -1 | grep -i hdmi