[RESPONDED] Some issues when docked (shutdown, monitor waking up, charging)

Hi Framework community!

I got my Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen 7040Series) in the beginning of january and I’m loving it. I installed Fedora 39 and mostly all worked out of the box, super experience!

There are just some little things which annoy me and do not work as I wish too.
These issues are only in docked mode. As I used a Lenovo x1-carbon G9 before I’m using the ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Dock (40AN) for my Framework.

  1. charging over usb-c
    Sometimes when i plug-in the usb-c cable the Framework is not charging, I have to reboot, then it works.

  2. Monitor not always wake up from sleep
    Often when I return to my desk the Monitors do not wake up from sleep.
    I have to disconnect the docking station, open the lid, log back in, put the dock back in.
    Mostly the monitors work after that, sometimes I have to reboot.

  3. shutdown does not work properly when docked
    When i shutdown the Framework while docked, the system is hanging in fedora shutdown splash. I have to open the lid and hardly shutdown then. The splash is only visible on the framework monitor and not on the external.

How to debug this problems? If you need any info, please tell me.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @marv Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Framework doesn’t support or has fairly limited support with third party docking stations, might be best to stick with standard peripherals or anything that comes with framework laptop, like the framework usb-c charger.


The charging problem also occurs with framework usb-c charger.
I still have to reboot, to make it work. As I said If I you need any logs or can give me a hint where to search, I’ll try own my own to find the cause.

Can we check if this changes status whenever you plugged the official framework charger?

cat /sys/class/power_supply/ACAD/online

should change to state 1 whenever charger is plugged

and then can we also check, the output of this one?
upower -i /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_BAT1

Here the info, when charging does not work:

$ cat /sys/class/power_supply/ACAD/online
$ upower -i /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_BAT1
  native-path:          BAT1
  serial:               WA
  power supply:         yes
  updated:              Tue 06 Feb 2024 11:26:43 AM CET (12 seconds ago)
  has history:          yes
  has statistics:       yes
    present:             yes
    rechargeable:        yes
    state:               discharging
    warning-level:       none
    energy:              14.5048 Wh
    energy-empty:        0 Wh
    energy-full:         62.3999 Wh
    energy-full-design:  60.6042 Wh
    energy-rate:         12.9413 W
    voltage:             14.757 V
    charge-cycles:       11
    time to empty:       1.1 hours
    percentage:          23%
    capacity:            100%
    icon-name:          'battery-low-symbolic'
  History (rate):
    1707215203	12.941	discharging
    1707215173	11.656	discharging
    1707215153	0.000	discharging
    1707215147	0.697	discharging
    1707215117	11.486	discharging

FYI: Today I noticed that charging works when I change the usb-c port. I currently have expansion cards in slots 1 and 3.

Hi @marv , might be the main usb-c charging expansion had gone bust.

and do you still have shutdown problems after changing the usb-c port?

I did not test shutdown yet, currently I open the lid to shutdown (even when docked), shutdown works fine then.