AMD 13 DIY no display with left(channel 1) Memory

This is the first time I boot my batch 10 AMD 13 DIY after installed 2*32g ddr5 5600 CT2K16G56C46S5 ram and a 4t ssd.

Wait few sec with nothing on screen then start blink as following seq:
And… no display, fan on with heat

First, I reconnect all plugs, charge the battery, unplug the battery, tear the ground tape exactly like “how to replace display”, not working.

Then, I tried all combinations for my 2 ram sticks with 2 slots, figured out left slot causes issue. Both sticks works on right slot, screen lit up and show me “no default boot device” with different blink seq:

I have seen few posts said channel 0/1 not working(channel 1 for me), but seems like they just live with it… wondering is there any way to resolve the issue OR I have to return it for another chance?

Hope y’all don’t suffer from the frustration like me :frowning:

Sounds like you’ll need to open a ticket with support. I would imagine they’d just replace the motherboard instead of the whole system.

For what it’s worth I loaded my batch 10 unit with 2x16GB DIMM and didn’t have any such problems. So I’d definitely suspect a defective soDIMM socket in your case, which should fall under hardware warranty.

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thanks for your reply, I have already submitted tickets once I found the issue yesterday. I guess I need to wait for few days.

Yeah I imagine they’re super busy with all the year end orders and the excitement around the AMD units. On the bright side you can at least use the machine with 32GB while you wait for support to RMA the board (if that’s what’s required) :slight_smile:

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Support team replied me today, but we still cannot figure out the issue.
We have communicated via 10 emails, tried few solutions like wait, try other ram sticks(but I don’t have), reset the mainboard.

I also uploaded my video and photos as they required to build a case. And they kept asking more photos, even asked me to tear the black shroud(which is glued and I am unable to remove, maybe because I am on amd version)

Now, they said they have my case on tech review, hopefully we can make progress tomorrow.

They offered me another mainboard for replacement. Hopefully this time it works

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Shipment confirmed today