AMD 7040 Series Crashing on Windows 11

Has anyone been dealing with crashing issues on windows 11? I’m on bios 3.03, updated drivers, windows fully updated, but I have been getting different crashes every 3 or 4 days since I upgraded to the AMD board. Started with the laptop crashing and restarting on its own, then freezing and forcing a hard reset, and now yesterday it froze and this is what my screen looked like:


Have you ever run a memtest or something? I have had too spicy memory overclocks on dedicated gpus do stuff like this before.

I ran MemTest64 yesterday, and it came back with no errors.

I am using Kingston FURY Impact 32GB (2x16GB) DDR5 5600MHz CL40 RAM (KF556S40IBK2-32) for RAM

Well that is the same kit as I have ready for mine so I hope that isn’t the issue XD

I’m worried this is an issues with the integrated GPU, more so than the RAM at this point. I am seeing similar static or graphical anomalies when running the Plex app on my laptop, and that app keeps crashing consistently too. Haven’t had issues with anything else though

Did you install Windows clean on the drive after the hardware migration or just used your existing install?

I did a clean install with an ISO I got from Microsoft just after getting the mainboard.

New install on a new drive

Try AMD’s 23.11.1 drivers: here

I would try using one stick of RAM and if it doesn’t fix the issue then swap to the other stick. If works on one RAM and not the other than it is bad RAM>

If you have the same issue on either stick, then it is a hardware issue on a clean installation of Windows.

Hardware issue = bad main board or bad driver.

I tried these drivers, and so far I haven’t gotten a crash since. So this may have solved my problems


I have the same issues on Windows 11. Sometimes it glitches out and dies, sometimes it just freezes. I’m using the latest AMD drivers and it’s still happening. I think it’s the integrated GPU, the RAM is fine.

Yea, the new drivers didn’t end up helping me, lasted closes to a week, then had a freeze and a total crash restart.

I am working with support now, and they are suggesting I do a fresh install of Windows again which I’m planning to do this weekend. I’ll report back if that ends up helping or not

Are you still having crashes?

I worked with support, and the crashing issues were only showing up when RAM was in dual channel.

I got a board replacement, and using the same SSD and RAM I haven’t had any issues since. So it seems to have been a hardware board issue in the end

Good to know, thanks.