Windows 11 crashing

Downloaded windows 11 because fedora kept crashing, but now windows 11 keeps crashing with the error message “critical process died” I’ve made sure that all of my windows updates were installed, and the 12th gen framework drivers, but it still crashes. Im currently on my 3rd windows install. Has anybody else seen this?

Sounds like a HW problem. What stress tests have you run? Could be RAM, CPU, SSD, etc.


Sounds like software may not be the issue, I’d send a message to support.


i just installed on my new 13 DIY last night and its good

Both Windows 11 and Fedora should run very stable. I’d message support and also test your RAM using memtest86 or the buildin Windows function. Did you get the RAM from Framework?


@Jonathan_Haas Just ran Memtest86 last night and that was good, I’m currently testing the Hard drive, but so far its shown good on Crystaldiskinfo. Currently trying to use Samsung’s specific tester. Do you know of anything that I can use to test the CPU to see if that’s the issue? I can’t think of what else it could be. I reseated both the hard drive and the RAM and still having issues.

@sciencewhiz I’m more tech savvy than the average person, but unfortunately not as much as you guys lol, do you know of any CPU tests? I tested the RAM with memtest86 and the hard drive with Crystaldiskinfo, but I’m fresh out of testing methods that I know of

Not sure. I know overclockers use some tools to see if the CPU is stable after increasing the clock speed. Prime95 is one of these programs. They could work in your case, too.

Here’s an article: