AMD 7640U DIY - Not booting past Framework logo screen, or getting nothing at all

Hello! My AMD Framework just came in, but I haven’t been able to boot it properly. My SSD has Windows 11, and I have 2x8 GB of official Framework RAM.

I left it on the logo screen overnight with no changes, and I can’t consistently even get there at all, usually I just get a black screen and if I’m lucky, a few LED flashes (blue and orange alternating). If it means anything, the power button has yet to light up. Thank you!

If you hit F2 (keep tapping) when you power on, can you enter the BIOS?

If so, I would perhaps first create a Windows installer USB drive on another PC and then in the Framework BIOS select the boot menu and choose to boot off the USB drive. If you’re trying to boot off of a pre-existing Windows install on your SSD, you can try to run a repair install from the USB boot drive.

I’d personally wipe the drive (assuming your data has been backed up somewhere) and install a fresh OS on the Framework using their guide to installing Windows.

Haven’t been able to enter the BIOS unfortunately. I tried initially to work with a Windows install on a USB drive but I just got Windows errors if anything at all (two different USBs, following the Framework instructions).

Any chance there’s a keyboard issue? I don’t have the power light, but the connector seems securely taped in there. Pressing the power button doesn’t seem to turn the machine on either. I have to unplug and replug the battery/charger/keyboard and pray.

@kangarus What was the conclusion to this? I’m facing this issue now.

@nomb85 Ended up getting a replacement from Framework