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Have to check for exact date but mostly it is around 15th April


Got charged a few hours ago!
Order date: Apr 3
7840/64GB/1TB/2x USB-C/1x USB-A/1x 250GB/Charger
To: :canada:


Mine just shipped to Canada (mainboard only), wonder what BIOS version I’ll get.

Yup same here… just got notification of shipment hopefully will get it by Friday!

Nice to see mainboards are shipping. Look forward to seeing entire builds go out. I presume DIY kits should flow pretty quick now too

I’ve seen at least one person having received a Batch 2 laptop with Bios 3.0.3 preinstalled:

So I would assume it’s safe to bet that everything sent out from now has the new Bios preinstalled. Makes also sense from the perspective of FW, since the buggy 3.0.2 version must have been a support nightmare - probably best to limit the number of customers needing assistance on this.

Have been charged five minutes ago. Order date: May 14th
7840/BYO RAM+SSD/3x USB-C/3x USB-A/Micro SD/HDMI 3rd gen/Ethernet/no Charger/black bezel/ISO blank keyboard
To: :de:


I have been charged 5 minutes ago too, pre ordered the 4th may


Yes for me too also Germany and DIY edition. I am hyped Guys

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Germany :wave:


Just been charged 15 minutes ago, DIY


Just got charged, too! DIY R5 ordered May 10th and also to Germany. I’m stoked!!


Coming from a, going on ancient, 2nd Gen HP Spectre x360. 7th Gen Intel i7 to the Ryzen 7 Framework. I expect it’ll be night and day and I’m so damned excited!

Starting online university early next month, and going on a trip to Hawaii late next month, so this will be beautiful timing for this new laptop.

April 30 pre-order, US, listed as shipping Batch 3 - Ships Late Q3. No charges yet. Hopefully real real soon!

Congratulations to those with orders on the way!


Same, just been charged: Ryzen 7 DIY + extensions, shipping to France. This is about perfect timing. Bios 3.0.3 is out and hopefully preinstalled, Fedora 39 is just about stable, setting it up should be smooth!


I got charged yesterday evening! Ordered 06 May from Germany. DIY, no OS, fw SSD and RAM. Super hyped now after almost siiiiix long months of way too much time in the fw subreddit and forum. xD


I just got tracking number for shipping, i’m excited !

EDIT: I will probably get the framework laptop, the day Apple will reveal their new macs. this is a sign for me :smiley:
I try hard to get away from Apple…

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Me too. Not only that, it seems to have been already picked up. The speed of shipping seems to have increased and I hope that continues for everyone waiting in line!


Reporting in, mine was shipped this morning and will arrive in 5 days according to fedex which is quite fast.

Upgrade from T440p, my last “new” laptop since those were the last really upgradable thinkpads (and it has a desktop processor in it now). So I raise your “nth” gen intel upgrade to 4th gen. I’m looking forward to proper GPU performance :laughing: And the pain of installing debian and getting all my custom stuff running again


Was charged today for my DIY, no OS, Ryzen 5, 2x16GB RAM, 1 TB SN850X SSD, 2 USB-C, 2 USB-A. Ordered May 17, 2023. Can’t wait to get back to a pure Linux laptop! Shipping to Canada so the timing should be perfect for the F39 final release.

Edit: received my shipping notice today (2023-10-27) with a predicted delivery date of 2023-10-30! I’ll believe that when I see it :slight_smile:


I got my email stating the “Payment complete!” The email was very short and stated the shipment would be within the next few business days (shipping to the Chicago 'burbs)

My order was the DIY - no OS and no NVMe:

*Mainboard (AMD Ryzen™ 7040 Series) - Ryzen™ 7 7840U
*DDR5-5600 - 64GB (2 x 32GB)
*AMD RZ616 Wi-Fi 6E

I have already receive all the other items I ordered earlier this year.

The goal is to have my 11th Gen Framework 13" be converted to use these parts. I have not decided the Linux distro, but it will be something that I know will work with AMD processors.

This will be my 3rd Framework unit as the two older units are still going to be used for similar tasks.

The old parts are going to be repurposed to make a 11th Gen Framework desktop using the Cooler Master case. It will have the cooler master case, the 11th Gen Framework mainboard, the Intel wifi chip, US-type power cable, the ethernet card, and a USB C (as that is required for power), and the remaining slots are still undecided.