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Batch 3 AMD Ryzen 7, Upgrading from 12th Gen i5-1240P


Batch 3 AMD Ryzen 7 bundle kit to upgrade my 11th Gen 1 Framework 13 DIY. Once the Cooler Master case is available, I plan to the install old main board as a desktop.


Batch 3 Ryzen 5 here. My first look at Framework, it was about time to upgrade from a series of ThinkPads and I love what the company is doing.


Just placed my pre-order and honestly can’t wait! Same as Patrick, upgrading from an 11th gen to a Ryzen 7 :slight_smile: .

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Ordered my upgrade kit on April 17th, going from a 12th-gen 1280p to a Ryzen 7.

Working on a rackmount case for my 12th-gen board :slight_smile:

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What’s the estimated delivery date of Batch 3 guys? Is there a general availability afterwards?

I was coming to this forum thread to post something similar to @Frankie_Wild

July starts the Q3 2023 (as the quarter spans July, August, and September). This is not a pushy post, but I hoped to learn anything new as the estimated was Q3.

Look forward to feedback from Framework or anyone who got an update via email from Framework.

— edit to add this detail ----
My order was only for the mainboard. I have the cooler master case and additional accessories to convert original Framework 13 (11th Gen Intel) to be a “desktop”.

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Looking so much forward to my AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840U :heart:

I’m starting computer science training next week and I’m really looking forward to getting my Framework (especially since I don’t own a PC or laptop right now and have to use the one at my workplace for studying :sweat_smile: ).

Too bad that apparently the shipping date has been pushed back into the 4th quarter (according to my order summary). Somehow I had the 3rd quarter in mind, but maybe I was wrong. :thinking:

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that’s interesting. was batch 3 always 4th quarter or did it get moved? can someone confirm? it should say on your initial preorder email.

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I just checked my order confirmation mail (received may 12). There it said

Estimated delivery date
Ships Late Q3

My current order status says

Batch 3 - shipping in Q4


oh damn boys. the delays are real. hoping to get some comms from framework soon to just give an update.


For perspective:
Ordered 4/24.
Original email estimate of “quarter 3”.
Order status of “late quarter 3”.


For those in later batches, I’m batch 4, ordered 31/05, original email said Q4, order page online still says Q4. Batch 5, which isn’t sold out yet, still says it ships Q4.


Same for me as Richard3 -Ordered 5/07, same original email of Q3, account order status says ships “late Q3” still.

Batch 3 Ryzen 7 kit here, ordered 5/13 and still seeing Late Q3 as well

Framework sent me an email stating some delays (my post on this thread was pre-ordering a mainboard using the Ryzen 7040 series for a DIY):

Update on Framework Laptop 13 (Ryzen 7040 Series) shipment timing

Unfortunately, due to electrical issues we recently found during validation along with late firmware delivery from our silicon vendors, we’ve had to delay the start of mass production for Framework Laptop 13 (Ryzen 7040 Series) until September. We’ll be shipping as many pre-orders as we can before the end of September, but we anticipate that many orders originally in Q3 batches will need to move into Q4. We have prepared substantial production capacity, so we don’t expect the late start to cascade into delays in later batches.

—- I only shared the main paragraph ——


Funny. Yesterday it said “Q4” in my user account. Today it’s back to Q3. :sunglasses:

I think we will see. In any case, I’m looking forward to it. Feels a bit like waiting for Christmas when I was a kid :sweat_smile:


For me I do not any quarter reference (to my order). The pre-order is marked as Batch 3.

If you select “view order” you should be able to see the something like “Digital Delivery Batch 3 - Ships Late Q3” top right of the screen

Thanks for pointing out that there is more detail near the top as I missed it.
My order has this at the top: Free Shipping Batch 3 - Ships Late Q3

Digital Delivery has normally referred to items like Windows OS. I do not have any digital words denoted within my order.

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