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I’m in Canada and haven’t been charged yet.

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You’re not alone. Same here.

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Strange. Me too but mine’s already shipped. Hopefully yours does soon as well!

Location: Canada
Ordered: Sept. 28
Preparing: Nov. 15
Charged: Nov. 22
Shipped: Nov. 23


In Boston MA as well and saw the order delayed during clearance when entering the US. Fingers crossed they make it on Monday :grinning:


Shipping to Atlanta, GA, see the same delay in FedEx tracking.

Shipment requires a Commercial Invoice

Saw some other posts that Framework had to sort it out, will probably reach out to their support for awareness if it doesn’t change soon. Maybe weirdness with the Holiday?

Customs delay is normal. From a batch 1 post:


Oh awesome, missed that when searching. Thanks!

My order has shipped!
It should arrive in Italy on the 29th.


  • Ryzen 7 DIY
  • no OS
  • no SSD
  • 2x USB C
  • 2x USB A
  • HDMI
  • Ethernet
  • Micro SD
  • Audio
  • EU power adapter

My order has shipped, should arrive the 29th in the netherlands :scream:

Same here, it should arrive 29th in the Germany.

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Ah thanks for the helpful info on custom delays :slight_smile: I guess will have to wait later than Monday then :confused:

On a side note, do ppl know if Framework’s shipment requires a signature? Will have to take a day off (another good excuse) if that is the case XD

The package ships as “Indirect signature required”, which means that, officially, somebody will have to sign for it, although it might be e.g. a neighbour. In reality, there are reports here both of packages left unattended and/or with obviously forged signatures logged (recipient said to have signed when they have actually been miles away) and of delivery failures reported even when neighours were present. So what your particular deliveryman will do is anybody’s guess.

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Interesting, thanks for the education

My order has shipped! Due here in Canada on the 27th! :slight_smile:

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I’m envious. Still no message from Framework besides the “We’re preparing your batch!” on Nov 15. I’m in Canada with my credit card full.

Interesting, does it say anything on the website under orders? Maybe there was a card issue or something on there end, happened to me and I just had to re-enter my card info. But I got an email about it.

On the main order page its says: “Order Status Pre-Order Confirmed”
On the order’s detail page it says: "Order Status: Pre-Order Placed’

I reviewed the address, both delivery and billing. I have two orders with two credit cards, just in case, both are filled to the brim.

I also have a preorder for Batch 9, I hope that’s not messing things up.

US here, still no email since the we are preparing your order one

Seems like I’m lucky here. My order is shipped and due to aftership it should arrive on 28th in Austria! :slight_smile:

My order is stuck somewhere around Toronto airport. Unless Fedex delivers on weekends, I think the delivery will happen on Monday at the earliest. Here is the entire lowdown:

Order placed: 16-Sep-2023
Prep Email: 15-Nov-2023
Payment Complete Email: 22-Nov-2023
Shipment Date: 23-Nov-2023
Received: ???

I am really impressed with how quickly the process moved once the “preparing your order” email arrived. That’s East Asian efficiency for you!