[RESPONDED] FedEx issue - stuck in Alaska with "Clearance Delay"

I’m waiting on my first Framework laptop, an AMD batch 1, and am obviously very excited to become part of this neat community. However, my shipment is stuck in Alaska, with the following message:

Clearance instructions from the importer are required.
Recommended action: Importer must provide instructions.
A statement is required from the consignee unless the consignee authorizes the shipper to complete and include the toxic substance statement on their behalf.
Recommended action: If the consignee has authorized the shipper to complete on their behalf; include a copy of the written authorization with the shipping documentation. If the shipper is not authorized to complete; consignee must provide the statement.

I did file a support request with Framework, but for all I know, this is normal and I should just be patient. Patience isn’t a problem, I ordered this machine in March, I can wait!

But I am concerned if there’s anything I need to do to unstick this. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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This is in fact normal. Give it until probably Tuesday. Most of international shipping orders sit for a minimum of 24 hours and often up to 72 hours in this phase. Nothing Framework can do about it. High Priority Next Day Air B2B gets the shortest wait, and remember everything works in business hours/days.

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Fantastic, thank you. I did google around earlier but wasn’t able to come to any sort of conclusion.

Refer to this post

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Yep. My package is sitting in the same status since Friday. Also pinged support and no response so far.

I just checked tracking for the Intel 13 DIY version that I ordered two weeks ago and received. It wasn’t stuck like that in Alaska. It was in and out of customs in a couple of hours.

Support confirmed this typically resolves itself within a few business days and no further action is needed other than waiting.

Hi everyone,

I’ll just add the “official” response to echo what our helpful Community members have already stated. The “Clearance Delay” moniker is normal and typically clears after two “business” days. Do not include weekends. If after two business days you don’t see an updated status, please contact Support, and we’ll have our Logistics team dig in. We will already know as this is being tracked daily and we have alerts, but it never hurts to get customer confirmation.



Thanks - was in the same situation, Fedex was looking for some toxic substance statement, so I was not sure what they are looking for. Looks like the issue did indeed clear itself out.

Just to followup, I got a shipping notice this morning, so all appears well. In case anybody lands here via google search in the future, this is nothing to be concerned about.

Mine got unstuck on this Tuesday morning after being stuck Friday afternoon.

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Mine arrived Wednesday (yesterday). I arrived home just in time to FedEx leaving a note.