AMD Batch 7 Guild

Also batch 7, can’t wait! I’ve been using a late-2013 MacBook as my laptop for 10 years and have considered replacing it with another MacBook so many times, but have been disappointed by their insane upgrade prices, poor build quality and quality control, limited port selections, and odd choices they’ve made over the years like the Touch Bar and butterfly keyboard. Excited to give this bold and innovative startup a chance.


Does this mean every Batch 1 laptop has shipped, or that it started shipping?

Hello, AMD Batch 7! To help you pass the time :upside_down_face:

What choices did you select for your order?

  • DIY
  • Pre-built
  • Mainboard and parts separately

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  • AMD Ryzen™ 5 7640U
  • AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840U

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  • DDR5-5600 - 8GB (1 x 8GB)
  • DDR5-5600 - 16GB (1 x 16GB)
  • DDR5-5600 - 16GB (2 x 8GB)
  • DDR5-5600 - 32GB (1 x 32GB)
  • DDR5-5600 - 64GB (2 x 32GB)
  • DDR5-5600 - 32GB (2 x 16GB)
  • None (bring your own)

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  • WD_BLACK™ SN770 NVMe™- M.2 2280
  • WD_BLACK™ SN770 NVMe™- M.2 2280 - 500GB
  • WD_BLACK™ SN770 NVMe™- M.2 2280 - 1TB
  • WD_BLACK™ SN850X NVMe™- M.2 2280 - 1TB
  • WD_BLACK™ SN770 NVMe™- M.2 2280 - 2TB
  • WD_BLACK™ SN850X NVMe™- M.2 2280 - 2TB
  • WD_BLACK™ SN850X NVMe™- M.2 2280 - 4TB
  • None (bring your own)

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Operating System
  • Windows 11 Home (Download)
  • Windows 11 Pro (Download)
  • None (bring your own)

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  • Black
  • Gray
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Lavender
  • Red
  • Clear

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  • US English
  • British English
  • English International
  • Belgian
  • French
  • French Canadian
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Spanish (Latin American)
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Traditional Chinese (Cangjie & Zhuyin)
  • Blank ANSI
  • Blank ISO
  • Clear ANSI
  • Clear ISO

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Power Adapter
  • Power Adapter - 60W - US/Canada
  • Power Adapter - 60W - EU
  • Power Adapter - 60W - UK
  • Power Adapter - 60W - AU
  • None (bring your own)

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Expansion Cards
  • USB-C
  • USB-A
  • HDMI (3rd Gen)
  • Ethernet
  • DisplayPort (2nd Gen)
  • MicroSD
  • Audio
  • Storage - 250 GB
  • Storage - 1 TB
  • None

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I was batch 7. Changed my bezel colour from black to red. I’m Batch 6 now.


Ha! That’s unexpectedly delightful.

Status of Linux on AMD

This might be a helpful discussion to keep an eye on if you’re like me and unsure of getting linux up and running on your new machine when it arrives.

I don’t know, I figured I’d just get 16GB for now and then download more RAM later. :crazy_face:


First time I got 16GB of RAM was 4x4GB of DDR2 for a C2D in 2008. Haven’t had more since.

For the Frameworks, I got a pair of 16GB, the idea is to splitting them. We’re upgrading from 6 and 7 series i7-s, so even with single channel memory, it’ll be a serious performance boost. And when the machines start feeling slow, or RAM becomes a limitation, I’ll put them dual channel in one machine, and get a 16GB or 32GB kit for the other, depending on what the bottleneck will be.

Shipping has started for Batch 2 !! :tada:

EDIT: Batch 3 is receiving their first emails! :scream:


Lets hope for mid november :hot_face:

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I’m seeing a much higher percentage of “bring your own” than I expected. Do you all have a bunch of components sitting around already, or are prices for storage and RAM just way lower from other stores?

I mean, they want 180€for 32 gig of Ram and 250€ for 2TB of Storage, I definitely can get cheaper than that without sacrificing any performance, maybe some kind of sale turns up till the laptop comes, otherwise the apparently working Crucial 5600 Ram ist 106 right now for 32 gig.

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Same here. I managed to snatch a Crucial CT2K16G56C46S5 (16G+16G) for 85 USD, which I believe was close to the bottom, if not the bottom.

I also wanted SK Hynix P31 for the power efficiency, rather than WD. I snatched a 2TB version for 108 USD, but it actually went lower at some point. Win some, lose some.

At some point, I also managed to grab a Crucial P5 Plus 2TB for 88 USD. I’m using it on my main desktop, rather than Framework, but I’m pretty sure that was the absolute bottom for it. SSD pricing has gone back up slightly since then.

Here in the UK I can the memory and M2 SSD for a significant discount on what FW are charging.

Most likely the expected consumer demand warranted low volume orders for these parts, which drove up FW’s pricing, and led to consumers buying their parts elsewhere. There may have been other factors, such as contractual agreements with manufacturers re: pricing, but ultimately the high availability of these items would most likely dilute demand and reduce the incentive to even try to be cost competitive.

When ordering a standard build you don’t get an opportunity to decide how much memory or what size disk you want. so when going out searching people are finding for the same price they can get twice the memory or a larger disk, probably has as much to with it as anything.

For the DIY vs Pre-Built, I’m sure you’re right.

I seemed to have jumped ahead quite a bit, my apologies. Didn’t see the entirety of the initial question, which was what I was mostly replying to, to begin with.

I suspect this to be true in many countries. Maybe not in places like the Philippines, but certainly here in the States as well.

The relatively higher price of the memory and storage is almost certainly the driving force behind customers buying these parts elsewhere. I took for granted that most people already knew that, which if I had read the rest of the initial question, I would have realized was not the case. My apologies.

But once you get past that, the next question you might ask is, “Why did FW price their storage and memory so much higher than retail?” Certainly they’re a for profit business and these are essential parts. Don’t they want to sell them? Shouldn’t their pricing be lower so they can be more competitive?

“Why these prices and what factored into them?” Those questions are what I feel to be at the heart of the whole pricing conundrum (and the resulting purchase decisions), and what I feel are more compelling questions.

Perhaps there’s more to the pricing than meets the eye. Afterall, since FW places the memory and storage in their packaging, might they also be testing it in-house as well? I would expect that to curb DOA returns and other after sales support, so it would be a wise choice on their part. It would also help to justify a higher price; however, I am not aware of this practice and I would think an added value like testing would be something they would be sure to highlight.

At the end of the day, FW is still a small business. They probably don’t want to sell a ton of parts with little to no margin (that they also have to support), especially when their main product has been designed to work with third party components.

I guess my money is on all of the above :wink:


Preorder started in 2023 March. They had to put together the pricing and reserve future deliveries of the SSD and RAM probably weeks or months earlier. The WD Black 770 1TB was 140CAD in 2023 Jan, 120CAD in Feb. So the 135CAD price didn’t sound that unreasonable, especially with 7% inflation possibly pushing the price of the part higher.
But that’s not what happened, and by the time people started ordering Batch 7, the WD Black bottomed out at 62CAD. So of course people chose to go with Amazon instead of paying double so they get the same part from Framework.

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Agree with you here.

Maybe, maybe not.

With the pricing as high as it is, would it be that surprising to learn they were purchasing the SSDs nearly on demand? Unless I’m mistaken, in the “Batch 3 Guild”, the “We’re preparing your shipment!” email that was shared talked specifically about having the inventory on hand to start fulfilling some Batch 3 orders. Maybe they were only talking about mainboards and computers, but perhaps it also speaks to their other inventory concerns? Meaning other parts, like memory and storage, coming in and out of stock.

Either way, I doubt that FW was committed to buying any memory or storage until after the first few batches sold out. Even then, is reserving components something FW has the ability to do, given that they are a (relatively) recent entry in the market and may not have the volume or history to warrant such consideration? And would FW really want that risk exposure, when it’s almost completely unjustified given the nature of their product?

For the RAM, since they collaborated with the manufacturer, you are almost certainly correct. They would have needed to commit to a substantial number of kits in advance. Though, when or how far in advance is something only FW and ADATA knows for certain.

This is really interesting. Maybe they were hedging against inflation, just to be on the safe side? That tracks!

This narrative has some merit to it, but…

This doesn’t account for two things: the price of the 4TB being nearly $600 (which might be close to the MSRP but also significantly more than it was going for at the time), and that even in the Batch 1 poll, 81% opted to bring their own SSD and 58% opted to bring their own RAM.

I don’t think FW would be surprised by these poll results, given this is their third or fourth rodeo (depending on how you look at it). I assume our numbers track pretty closely with those from previous releases.

If you work backwards from there, low demand equals low order volume, low order volume equals lower discounts, and lower discounts equals higher sales prices.

I should mention that (in case it wasn’t obvious) I have absolutely no idea what I am talking about. I just enjoy the mental exercise of figuring out how things might be taking shape behind the scenes. Someone with some actual experience in the industry would undoubtedly be more informed. If that’s you and I’ve spoken out of turn, my humblest apologies.

Good luck to all still waiting! Hopefully you won’t have much longer to wait :wink:

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If my 2 cents can add anything to this discussion: I am buying my Framework batch 7 as a business, so I am happy to pay a little premium to get everything in one package and one invoice.

Sadly, the WD SN850X does not support hardware encryption so I have asked FW support to remove it from my order, and I will be buying a Samsung 990 Pro on the side, for only 5€ less… (again, cannot snatch a deal somewhere if I am not sure I’ll get a proper invoice)

I only don’t get why so many people are not buying the included RAM when compatibility seems to be so up in the air at this point…

At the end of the day, I praise the flexibility this system offers for everyone :slightly_smiling_face: