AMD Framework 13 - Display connection limited

Loving my AMD Framework 13, but I’m having a weird issue.

On Windows 11 I get “Display Connection Might Be Limited” when i plug my AMD Framework 13 into my dock.

From what I can see it doesn’t seem like anything is malfunctioning.

I’ve tried both port 1 and 3 as those are the ones that support display output.

The dock I’m using: Anker 778 Thunderbolt Docking Station

My monitor the dock is plugged into via DisplayPort: Dell S3220DGF

I’m wondering if it’s centered around the dock being Thunderbolt 4, while USB4 doesn’t have the same exact functionality. If so, then it’s not a problem.

Any advice would be appreciated!

I can’t be the only one this happened to

I get this on both a Framework and a Lenovo PC, when I plug in my Belkin dongle hub, after the PC has booted.

It may indicate a driver issue, but I have not pursued it.
On the occasion I have used the HDMI port in the hub, the video has been fine. Wasn’t checking audio.

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Thanks for the reply! There doesn’t seem to be anything “not working” from what I can see. I guess I’ll ignore it.

I figured out the issue.

My port/slot configuration was as follows:

  1. USB-C
  2. HDMI
  3. USB-C
  4. USB-A

This error message was caused by an HDMI port being in slot 2 (which doesn’t support display output)

I didn’t put it together originally because I was using port 1/USBC to connect to the docking station so didn’t even consider port 2.