AMD Framework 13 only functional in single channel?


I’ve already contacted support - but I’ve heard they’re quite swamped and have some US federal holidays - so I’m going to try here.

I’m using TeamGroup 2x DDR5-5600 16gb sodimms, and they both work individually when placed in Channel 0. However, as soon as I place a 2nd sodimm in Channel 1 - my framework fails to boot. The leds at the end flash BGBGGGBB. Has anyone else had a problem with this, and if so how did you solve it?

Usually both channels are supposed to work obviously. However TeamGroup RAM is probably not that common and there might be unknown issues with it. It’s also possible that the second RAM port is damaged or otherwise broken on your mainboard. Hard so say.

It’s likely that support will say that these RAM modules are unsupported and that you should test Frameworks RAM or the other modules that have been officially qualified.

I assume you are inserting the RAM properly in channel 1? Note that the module has to be upside down compared to the other one to fit properly.

At least to my eyes the slot looks undamaged:

And from the notch, there is definitely only one way that the SODIMM can be inserted.

I’ve also tried resetting the bios settings by pressing SW3 on the board 10 times with AC connected. Confirmed it was reset by having the quiet boot return (I had it on slow boot/text mode). No change

This might be broken slot 1 or related electronics, I had the same issue. Support will suggest you to try the RAM shuffle: RAM A in slot 0, RAM A in slot 1, RAM B in slot 0, RAM B in slot 1,and then both shuffeled in both slots. See how it works.

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Could be very likely an issue with the internal wiring of the PCB or the CPU pads were damaged (e.g. during a fall when shipping). You’ll probably need a mainboard replacement. Support will probably help you there but they might demand that you test with supported memory first. But as both modules work in the one slot that’s hopefully not necessary.

At least you can run it with half the RAM in the mean time.