Channel 0 Memory not working?

Just got my Batch 5 laptop, went to boot it up and the screen was blank.

Looking at My Framework Laptop is not powering on I was able to determine the issue was due to " DDR initalized OK"

I only have one stick and decided I’d try moving it to Channel 1 and surprisingly the laptop booted up as expected.

Does this mean one of my memory sockets is broken or is there something else that could be at play here?



It’s not unheard of for computers to require the first RAM slot to be populated in order to boot

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I thought channel 0 was the first slot and channel 1 was second slot, is that not the case?


For some reason I thought you were talking about the first ram slot, not the one labeled 1 lol

I would try reinserting the RAM into the “bad” slot and resetting a few times to see if the error goes away, you can also try a hard reset by disconnecting the power, removing the rtc battery and holding the power button for a few seconds then reinserting the battery and trying it again.

Motherboards have a BIOS flashed to them, if they’re not completely powered off after BIOS flash weird things can happen. Usually you won’t have to do this because standard laptops are shipped “ready to use”, but anytime you’re assembling a computer you can expect weird things like that the first couple boots.


I left the memory in channel 0 and turned on the laptop this morning expecting the same issue but it booted into bios, so I’m not sure what happened last night that caused an issue.

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May be memory training.