Memory Channel 0 is having problems

Hi everyone! On my phone so please excuse any typos.

I’ve noticed a problem where having a RAM stick connected to channel 0 in any config (so either single or both sticks connected) results in a black screen and no boot after around 10 minutes. The side LED is off (unless I plug in the charger).

The same stick of ram works in Channel 1 and I boot into my Fedora install as expected. Using both sticks of ram doesn’t work at all.

Any suggestions? Thanks everyone!

Edit: some extra info. This is a 2x8GB DDR4 kit from Viper. I took them from my previous hp envy laptop, they worked there as expected.

That sounds like a hardware fault to me requiring an RMA from Framework

If it’s definitely the board and not your RAM then you need a replacement

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Could you check if that memory is using XMP timings? There is a known issue on Tiger Lake where XMP memory may not work in one memory channel.

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As far as I can tell, looking in the bios, XMP is not enabled. The exact kit is Viper PV416G240C5SK 2x8GB, 2400 MHZ with a timing of CL15. Doesn’t seem to be overclocked at all? Let me know if there’s something else I should be checking

I’ve also run into the same problem. Just got my framework today and upon installing the Kingston Fury 32GB memory module into channel-0 it refused to boot. The fans would go full blast and the screen would stay blank. Moved the memory module to channel-1 and it booted up fine. The Kingston part number is KF2933C17S4/32G.

Hi, @Liam_Murphy ,

I’m having the exact same issue as well and I’m currently in contact with Framework support.
I got some 2666MHz memory and it will boot with it in channel 1, but not channel 0.
The last status from support is that it’s not on the officially supported memory list - I have yet to hear back from them after telling them what memory I use.
I’ve just ordered a kit today that is on that list and expect to be able to try it out on Monday - I personally do not think it is likely to work if this one isn’t, but perhaps I am wrong.

Is there any sort of update regarding your memory situation?
If I insert mine into channel 0, the BIOS will also blink out an error code on the side after a while (~5-10 seconds): 10x green, then 1x red.