AMD Framework fullscreen video playback glitched

I am curerntly running Arch Linux with the 6.7.0 linux kernel on my AMD Framework 13 from batch 5 with 16GB of DDR5-5600 RAM. I have noticed for around a month or so now that whenever I have video playback in fullscreen, the screen glitches out heavily and starts looking all corrupted. The way the glitched playback appears to change whether I have the scatter/gather display parameter enabled or disabled in the kernel parameters on bootup but I am unable to figure out why the video playback glitches out like this. Is this a known issue? With scatter/gather display enabled, in fullscreen the video flickers white for a brief moment and then stays white as seen here:

With scatter/gather display disabled, the fullscreen video playback will be very glitched but pixels all over the screen are forced to a particular colour (white, green, black, magenta, etc.) and may flicker occasionally too as seen here:

Is there a fix for this? Should I just switch to a different distro? Update the BIOS? Buy more RAM? Suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Not sure if it is related, but with certain codecs and video files on VLC, I was getting flickering and artifacts during playback, especially if trying to save a frame as an image. Changing the hardware accelerated decoding option from Automatic to VA-API video decoder via DRM pretty much entirely removed it for me. Some other hardware decoding options also worked, although I don’t understand the intricacies.

The screen glitching occurs regardless of if I am streaming video on Youtube, or playing video via mpv locally. Using the fallback version in my systemd bootloader appears to have temporarily fixed the issue but I’m not sure why that is.

I think you’re seeing a kernel 6.7 regression.

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Yep. Seems like that’s the issue. Thanks for finding it!

Sure thing. By chance can you help bisect it? Some folks there are trying but having trouble.