AMD Radeon™ RX 7900M announced. Might be the next GPU bay for the FW16?

Hello Friends !
So … here we are ! Freshly announced today:

Framework, tell me when I can switch my graphic option from my FW16 preorder … pretty please :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Honestly, i just wanna see them announce another gpu option, amd/intel/nvidia i don’t care, but the 7600s isn’t that hot for performance

The 7900M though… damn boy


I’ll honestly say that the 7900S could be a little more practical.(I know the two won’t be based on the same chip)


Really want this one myself. I wonder if power draw will be an issue though. Has framework made any statements yet? If they support it will it come as an upgrade part or a whole laptop first? Is it going to be several months to get my hands on one?

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An idea for Framework… For people interested in the 7900 GPU (like myself), please consider giving the option for current orders to change the FW 16 order to the higher end 7900 GPU and ship and charge for the GPU when it is available. I’d make due with the iGPU in the meantime.

Just a thought.


i think it will be good to wait new GPU line who would have GDDR7 memory . also do not buy GPU nowydays if its nvdia or AMD etc wait a year maybe when we will have GDDR7 cards around. and for FW16 it will be good to have AMD gpu and nvidia with GDDR7 memory

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I doubt this is going to be an option for the Framework Laptop 16, because the GPU itself already takes up to 180W according to , thus it would require Framework to develop a 240W power supply first.

I’d prefer a more power efficient solution.


In their charger deep dive framework mentioned the possibility to use the 180W charger and the battery to power higher power systems until 240W chargers exist. The Battery will just slowly discharge during use.

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I would 100% be on board with this option. The 780M is a fine iGPU that’s more than enough to tide me over until a higher end release.


Yeah, same but maybe the power draw from a bay module can be tweaked to lower down the consumption maybe ?

Guys you should stop reasoning that this GPU is powerfull enough. All people are not always interested on the same things. You seems to think about gaming but some of us think about ML / AI capabilities that require high end card too.


I’d like to know as well, as the 7700S is a bit lackluster but it’s okay, especially for Linux. If there’s an upgrade “around the corner” within a year of the release, ideally < 6 months, I’d prefer waiting for it and using the iGPU in the meantime.

So ideally they’d give us a time frame of when a stronger AMD GPU option might be released, but sadly I don’t expect them to for obvious reasons. I might try to contact support about this, but I doubt they’ll spill the beans if they haven’t even done the remaining deep dives yet.

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I’d have ideally liked an option for either one, but with 16GB of VRAM. I have an Alienware 17 with 8GB of RAM. It’s almost 10 years old. 8GB is not really forward thinking.

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This ! Actually what is buging me is the 8go of the 7700s that is bearly enough to work on AI with it…


If you are trying to do ML/AI, you would have gotten an NVIDIA card.

Just to defend him, the9thdude said that he wouldn’t mind waiting with an igpu that powerfull, he’s not talking about everyone but just him.

That said, if the current state of the product does not meet your needs, then either you wait a little more or you find something else that does. (even more if you need it rapidly for work)

The product is only on the pre-order stage without even one shipped across the globe and framework said there will be new a gpu at launch more or less. We can’t be so demanding of things they don’t offer yet with an unreleased product lol.

[PS: I’d enjoy a 12 or 16GB vram gpu but we have to be patient :yum: ]


Bump. Really want this. Would order a Framework 16 if this was an option.

Do you guys think a dedicated power supply for a dedicated GPU would be possible? It’s not a really serious question. 180W in laptop sound like a joke to me. 180W GPU is not dedicated for laptops, is it? What can be done with all the heat such device generates? I guess what is reasonable or even what makes sense depends on who you ask.

I’m having a hard time parsing your question.
Is a dedicated Power input for the GPU possible? Yes.

Is 180W a joke?
No, I actually think that’s a lot, and FW16 actually supports 240W.

Can 240W be properly cooled?
The GPU module is not technically limited in size, so everything is possible. Of course a giant GPU module would be annoying to lug around and at same point one should consider an eGPU.

Yeah, it was pretty messy string of thoughts. You did pretty good though :slight_smile:

I was surprised that a mobile GPU would consume so much power, not sure if it was the same GPU model or maybe desktop variant. The link confirms that 7900M is rated for 180W.

Even if this GPU is rated for 180w it can certainly be tweaked or even downcloaked to fit a thermal limit or a consumption limit. AMD is good at perf per watt especially on low wattage so I’m pretty sure this GPU can be amazing even with a 100w limit.

I’ve already ordered a 7700s for my FW16 but if such GPU comes out, from Framework, it’s an instant buy for me.