AMOLED display

Could the display be replaced with a AMOLED type?


I’m sure you could if it fits and the connector is compatible.

HP have a 13.5 inch (same size) 3:2 (same aspect ratio) 3000x2000 resolution (higher), 400nit (fw is 400+ so maybe lower) 100% DCI-P3 (better) multitouch AMOLED display as an option HP Spectre x360 14.

I would pay a lot of money for that monitor option on a

There is almost 0 chance of being able to swap out the screen panel for one not sold by framework though. Between sizing differences, different mounting points, different power requirements, the mostly proprietary data cables for touch signalling and the about 20 different spec’ed cables for eDP (video signal) it’s just not going to happen.


@Brendan_Seabrook I found 2 models that are sold here in Australia.
The HP Spectre x360 Convertible 14-ea0026TU (SKU#: 2T0Q5PA) has a 1920x1280 IPS screen at the same size.

The HP Spectre x360 Convertible 14-ea0020TU (SKU#: 2T0M8PA) has the 3000x2000 AMOLED.

I’d absolutely want to get the 3000x2000 if it fits.
I just sent an email to “Laptop Screen Man” to ask if they think it might be possible to connect either of those screens. I’ll let you know what they say.
~ Jamie


OLED uses PWM below a certain brightness, which is bad for your eyes long-term. It causes the iris to open and close constantly and fatigue, and then stay too far open which exposes the retina to too much light.
A better idea would be a laptop that has a 13" e-Ink display.

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Some smartphone companies have managed to drive AMOLED panel with DC modulation, also Samsung is kinda the leader on the AMOLED market rn and their E4 display are way ahead in term of technologies.

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Make sure the pin out is the same on both the one you are getting and the one that it comes with for full cross compatibly since there is no guarantee that it is laid out the same exact way. it is more likely that the same maker would have the same layout but other than that I would have to check data sheets and pins to be sure.

According to Notebookcheck that AMOLED panel on the HP Spectre x360 14 is the Samsung SDC4148 and it has 250Hz flickering below 10% brightness.

Having worked on similar HP models my suspicion is that the front glass is bonded to the panel, especially since the service manual shows the upper assembly as one piece. The HP spare part numbers for the AMOLED are M22154-001 (black), M22155-001 (silver), and M22156-001 (blue) but they aren’t available anywhere for a reasonable price that I can see.

I would absolutely love to have the same display in the HP Spectre for the framework.

I was thinking it could be possible to organize a bulk purchase from’s panel vendor. Or find a vendor on Alibaba and figure out how much the whole thing would cost.