QD-OLEDs in frame.work Laptops

As you know these amazing displays will soon be available. I’m trying to determine if the current frame.work laptops are compatible. Can a hobbyist replace the display in a frame.work with one of these? Are these details on the next frame.work being able to support such a display?


Yes you could but it’ll be up to Samsung Display (not the same as Samsung Electronics) to create a display in a 3:2 aspect ratio at the correct size. The tech is new so it’s damnably expensive. I don’t think you will see it on this gen or next gen

But perhaps after that you might see it and again, you could always replace the display yourself if and when you find a panel.

As for supporting modification like that, it won’t void your warranty most likely but don’t expect Framework to help you if the panel dies. The warranty obviously only covers Framework’s handiwork.

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So has to be 3:2 - and there was already supposed to be 90hz Samsung OLED laptop displays last year… So if the modern OLED fits, then what about the bezel and connector? Those are universal? I’m not versed in laptop internals - but it seems ThinkPad enthusiasts were able to replace their displays with OLEDs (though they had to order a bunch of small parts from various places).

@John I can’t find the post where a framework employee named the exact model of connector but I did find this quote

The bezel is magnetic so is easily removed, I wish I could find the exact connector, I know it’s on the forum somewhere, perhaps you can find it with sufficient sleuthing or even just emailing Framework support

So long as your replacement display has the correct connector and is the correct size and aspect ratio, it should work fine

I have just confirmed it, pulled the model number from the back of the display, and looking it up tells me it is indeed a 40 pin eDP connector


From my past experience working in a computer store you will also want to find a panel that has the connector in the correct orientation (there are left and right ones iirc) and one that isn’t too thick, usually there is some clearance for a thicker panel but there also exists quite some difference in terms of panel thickness.

Probably the easiest way to ensure a correct panel is to pull out the current one, look it up on panelook or something similar and verify the dimensions.


Hoping these will fit! Samsung Starts Mass Production on 240Hz OLED Displays for Laptops | PCMag

I see the new Dev One HP laptop is decent, but its screen is crap like most “work laptops” (for some strange reason). So a frame.work with a decent OLED would destroy it!

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@John They look like 16:9 panels so I don’t think they would fit at all.

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