Ample cooling for A Framework motherboard

I had an idea for an enclosure for the Motherboard.
It is A really silly design taking the concept of A console from an Anime or game and making A working one.

My question is how much coolkng will I need in the box for mainboard.
Would I need to Add A fan to bring in cool air?

I figured If I run the board front to back I could add USB A ports in the front and An HDMI and A USB C in the back.

Here is the non funtional replica I found online.

I figure if I set up some old CD drive Spindles and RGB lights I can get the Purple top look. If I want to go the whole way to look totaly Funtional.

I would add an intake fan if I was you. A nice high volume low static pressure 140mm fan (looks like you’ll have room) like a Noctua NF-A14.

You’d have to control it from a USB fan controller - I can’t find one right now but presumably they exist - controlled by software or maybe temperature sensors. 5V versions of these fans are available which could be powered directly by default USB power.

Bonus if you install a grille and/or removable filter in front of the fan.

You should direct incoming air “onto” the fan and exhaust out the “back” (towards where the display is in the laptop), either through a hole directly in the case or ducted to a hole. Again, use a grille.

With A little Ducting I could get the airflow just right. I might have to set up and Adino to control the RGB and fans in the case.
Not sure If 140’s will be the best fit I need to mesure it up. Noctua has as small as 40mm fans so I have options there.

I going to probably start trying to draw this up, and will update with mesurements.

This will be my first foray into CAD and building A case. Kind of exciting.