Another list of potential improvements

Since there aren’t enough feature requests for the framework (/s), I decided to write my own.

(Keep in mind, that I am writing this with the knowledge I have from my 12th gen)


Backlight timeout

I previously owned a Dell Laptop and a cool feature it had, was that you could set a timeout for the keyboard backlight.

It had 2 settings in the BIOS: A selection for when the laptop is running on its battery and one for when it’s plugged in (one option was to disable the timeout).

I think that this would be a nice setting to have because you only need the keyboard backlight when you are typing or actively interact with the laptop.

Take for example the use case of watching a video:

After you selected the video and started the playback, the keyboard isn’t actively used. With an automatic timeout, the laptop would automatically disable the backlight until you have finished the video or decide to pause/close/… it. You don’t have a bright keyboard during the video playback and don’t have to do anything manually.

Automatic fn-Shift

Ok, this is also something I experienced on the Dell Laptop.

It works something like this: If you press a modifier key, like alt, ctrl, …, the fn switch is automatically enabled. This makes it much easier to press e.g., alt+f4 instead of alt+fn+f4. In normal usage you don’t have to press volume-up/down, … with a modifier key which leaves room for this implementation. The only problem I can see, is the placement of “Print Screen” on the F11 key and the delete key. In windows “Windows+Prt Scr” takes a full screen screenshot and saves it to your picture library. This would be a problem, but two possible fixes would be:

  • How often do people actually use this shortcut? In my opinion alt+f4 is used much more often. So a solution would be to use “Windows+fn+Prt Scr” for this shortcut
  • Exclude F11 from the fn-switch (this would be very unintuitive but this could be a setting for the ones that like it)

The delete key is a bit trickier: Ctrl+alt+del is a VERY common keyboard shortcut. Solution 2 from before could also be applied in this case

Battery charging

Ok, this one is already halfway implemented: In addition to a max charge limit it would also be cool to have a min charge limit. This would reduce the strain on the battery in a use case with a heavy usage of docks.


You dock your laptop. Your laptop is below 50%? Ok, charge it charges up to 85% (already implemented max) while you work with it plugged into your dock. You take your laptop away from your desk do something for like 10 minutes and come back. The laptop still has like 82/83% and still charges to reach 85% percent again. If it had the min limit, it would just say: Ok, I’m plugged in again, no need to use the battery and it is charged enough, so no need to charge it again.


This list is just my ideas to improve this laptop without any changes to the hardware. I hope you like it and can see why I would like(! NOT DEMAND) to see these features being implemented. Thanks for reading :blush:


My current device has a backlight timeout, this would be a great thing to have. The other ideas are good, too.

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