[Answered] eGPU not working on Arch or Fedora, support stopped responding

I’ve been wanting to set up my Framework laptop to use my eGPU and get the most out of my laptop, but nothing I have done has fixed it. I’ve done a couples weeks worth of troubleshooting at this point and it still won’t work. Support stopped responding out of the blue and I’m a tad bit frustrated right now. Anyone have any advice?

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First question is are you using X11 or Wayland? X11 works as long as I plug in the eGPU at the greeter (hot plug / hot unplug will result in greeter session crash 100% of the time). Wayland, on the other hand, has been a roller coaster ride with no consistent results at any time for me.

EndeavourOS (arch derivative), i5-1135, Nvidia 1050Ti card in a Razer Core enclosure.


Ditto this question. We need to know this, and ideally see some logs journalctl last few lines or dmesg.

As for support not responding, can you direct message me your ticket information - unless they’re waiting for a reply, you should not have seen replies dropped.