Any 3rd party Framework products from an established company other than Cooler Master?

As subject states. Any 3rd party Framework-specific accessories, parts, expansion slots, etc besides Cooler Master’s 13" motherboard case?

I understand Framework is relatively new, but we’re on the 3rd generation now. I was very happy to see Cooler Master’s case, but I was hoping to see more stuff. More expansion bay stuff, other cases, display options, etc. A lot of people want different things for their Framework laptop and Framework can’t accommodate them all due to their small size and budget, and there will be so many SKUs, but a display maker such as LG or Samsung can make them (or even whoever Framework contracts out to make their existing ones) and sell them directly.

Right now the only way to fill this absence is the maker space. Would that be enough?

Also, the Framework market place was supposed to be opened for makers to sell their custom stuff for the laptops. As far as I know, it’s still only Framework wares in the market, nothing from 3rd parties.

I was really hoping to see an ecosystem around the Framework 13 form factor (and eventually the 16 as well).

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The community of Framework users is too small currently for the likes of LG or Samsung to care. And custom displays are extremely expensive to have made. I think the Framework-13 just uses a display that was already available. Even with the Framework-16, the display was based on an existing screen. Framework mentions having it modified to improve the specs.

There are a few alternate displays that you can use in the Framework-13. It’s just that no one has found one that is really better than Framework’s choice. The screen ratio isn’t as popular, so the choices are limited. For the Framework-16, I’m sure once people get into it, they’ll find alternate displays there too.


DBrand makes skins cut specifically for the Framework 13, if that counts as an accessory.


There are custom keyboard letter decals that are supposed to be exactly sized for Framework.


I think this link may be helpful for you.


And Framework’s DDR5 RAM is made for them by ADATA.


Great responses, everyone. Good to have some avenues to research on.

I totally understand the use base of Framework laptops isn’t that large. Hopefully it will get big enough for it to be a viable ecosystem.

For now, I think I’ll be happy with what we currently have. Also hope to see some of the community projects become something anyone can just purchase. I’m personally in love with the idea of a handheld gaming machine using a upcycled Framework motherboard. Hope to see a FW16 version since that’s the laptop I purchased (team batch 5 here!). Would love to turn it into a handheld gaming system when I inevitably upgrade the laptop.

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Not sure if I’d call that a handheld anymore but it would certainly be a sight to see.

Also very curious if there will be any 3rd party expansion bay modules, since they pre sold so many 16s there may be a market for it. I could see some chnesium re-manufactured nvidia gpu modules since there seems to be quite a demand for nvidia and the re-manufacturers don’t really tend to follow anyones rules.

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How much bigger is the 16 motherboard compared to the 13?

It’s at least 6cm (since the port positions relative to the side is fixed) wider and probably a lot taller.