Any Chance of Option to Ship to APO/FPO

Like the title says. I’m with the USAF and stationed in Germany. I would really like to have this laptop before my classes for the Fall semester start but as it is now, I have to ship it to a forwarding service to get it out here. It would be awesome and save me some time if Framework could ship it directly to me. I wouldn’t mind paying for shipping either. Please help a guy out.

@nrp Really do think this would be important, supporting our defence forces.

Another USAF member here in Germany. From the last time I talked with them this was something they were working on trying to offer. As of now though they are not able to deviate from their current shipping plans.

I just had mine sent to a friend who then mailed it to me.

This is something we would like to do as we can continue to extend our logistics capabilities. We don’t currently have a fulfillment path that can ship to APO/FPO though unfortunately.