Any Chance of Option to Ship to APO/FPO

Like the title says. I’m with the USAF and stationed in Germany. I would really like to have this laptop before my classes for the Fall semester start but as it is now, I have to ship it to a forwarding service to get it out here. It would be awesome and save me some time if Framework could ship it directly to me. I wouldn’t mind paying for shipping either. Please help a guy out.

@nrp Really do think this would be important, supporting our defence forces.

Another USAF member here in Germany. From the last time I talked with them this was something they were working on trying to offer. As of now though they are not able to deviate from their current shipping plans.

I just had mine sent to a friend who then mailed it to me.

This is something we would like to do as we can continue to extend our logistics capabilities. We don’t currently have a fulfillment path that can ship to APO/FPO though unfortunately.

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Hello Framework Dudes and Gals. All you need is Fedex Smartpost. They will provide the tools you need and since the sales for APO FPO will not be that many, shipment orders can be tasked manually if need be. FedEx will make sure folks serving overseas can get their shipments. Believe me when I tell you that folks here would really appreciate this if you could make it happen.

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Retired military contracting in Germany. Please find a path for the FPO/APO box. I’m an ardent fan of your ideals and recommend your product every time someone around me mentions looking for a new laptop. Military guys and gals (especially in IT) love this product. And we have the extra cash to get it when we are down range :slight_smile:

One more for this. USPS is not the greatest to deal with, but pass the cost of full insurance on shipments on to us, the customers, and Framework has nothing to loose. Would also save me from having to pay unnecessary VAT fees considering my status and the many ways I do contribute to Germany already.