Status of Framework Support (October 24th, 2023)

Hello friends,

Given that we are deep into batch shipping and progressing quickly to subsequent batch notifications and payment captures, Framework Support is currently experiencing extremely high contact volumes. We’ve recently added more headcount to our team, but the current spike in volume has exceeded forecasts by a significant margin. Our team is working as quickly as we can to engage with tickets in the order in which they were received, however, order modifications are time sensitive as a large number of people are waiting until batch processing notifications to contact us. Once we capture final payment on orders, those orders are locked as they are transmitted to our 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) partners for picking, packing, and shipment.

If you are in a later batch for shipment of either Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen 7040 Series) or Framework Laptop 16, if you know you’ll need to make edits to your order, if you could contact Framework Support as early as possible, this will give us plenty of time to make sure that your order is exactly the way you want it.

Thank you so much for your patience, and know that our team is working diligently to respond to everyone in the queue as quickly as we can.


I’d love to see that you’re shipping FW16. In Batch 1 and still no news when…
My current workhorse is on it’s last legs…

Thanks for all the hard work from Support, I can only imagine the chaos. As a future suggestion going forward, perhaps an automated way to edit ones preorder through the account page would help out support workload. For example just a check box for adding or removing items on the order. More complex order modification could of course still be handled through manual tickets.

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@TheTwistgibber I have a batch 5 FW13 AMD order pending. Posting this logistics/delivery question here instead of contacting support first because there may well be more people with the same question out there.

FedEx, especially ground, delivery in many (most?) US residential addresses routinely is made in such a way (no waiting for signature, perhaps still due COVID, but also not even a door/bell knock) that makes package theft very easy. Packages left by front door in full view of the street etc.

What’s the “correct” way to request that the package is either held at a FedEx depot for end customer pickup, or diverted to one of their retail partners? In both cases at least a basic ID verificaiton is done at pickup in my experience.

I have previously done this for a FW13-11gen delivery (diverted to a Walgreens location), but I had no choice but to contact FW support to make the address change ad-hoc. The FedEx app/website would not let me do it “self-service”. I assume that’s an option that the shipper (3PL partner) controls.

“Normally” this is a change that can be done by the recipient alone on the FedEx website or app. When possible this “seems” to be the right way to do this delivery diversion since presumably that’s a mechanism that FedEx already has in place - adhoc seems risky (address copypasta typo, why not?), never mind the additional work this implies for FW support.

So, any guidance for how to do this diversion this time around? Anything that the 3PL partner(s) advise on this?

I’d like to know if there’s an alternative to just pre-emptively contacting support (and loading them with one more ticket) just for a delivery hold/change administrivia like this.

TIA, and looking forward to this new machine.

Hello @Twistgibber ,

Thank you for the information!
Is this also impacting Support requests on already received orders?

My Framework 13 is not charging/powering up anymore since last weekend, I logged a support request on monday but did not hear anything back so far.

Can you indicate how much time it takes in average to get a reply?

I’m also wondering about current response time. My laptop won’t start and it’s been almost 5 days since I emailed. I don’t know if I should submit another request because it got lost or something.

You should be able to do so via the FedEx Delivery Manager app/website.

I have never seen a company apologize about their support being at capacity while getting each of my two support requests in the past month replied within 48h.
Keep up those high standards, you guys are doing a stellar job :clap:


I agree with Pouasson. You folks have handled my recent requests with excellence, and I appreciate it.

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Last time (to be fair, was almost 2 years ago on a gen11 order) that was not available (edit: specifically, the option was disabled by the shipper/fulfillment partner - thus spake FedEx). I had to ad-hoc contact support and they “manually” changed the delivery. That requires a tracking number, so given the increased lead times due to load, there’s a lot of catch-22 potential here: would they get around to it before the package is on final approach to a porch pirate delivery?

Knowing, from an authoritative source, beforehand (before a tracking number/shipment starts) whether this option would be available or not, would make it a little easier to organize receipt in this (unfortunate and not in FW’s control obviously) high-theft environment we’re in.

Authoritative source: My Framework Laptop preorder has shipped but I'm away from my home/business temporarily

All preorders for the Framework Laptop are being delivered via FedEx Express meaning that you can take advantage of the free FedEx Delivery Manager.

If you are going to be away from your home or business when your preorder ships (for example if you are traveling, or on holiday/vacation) then it is possible to place a temporary hold on delivery by following the steps outlined here.

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That’s reassuring, thanks for the pointer.

I’ll circle back in the forum when the laptop is delivered to see if my location is one of the “lucky” ones where the shipper buys FedEx Express QoS and instead gets FedEx Ground.

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Feb. 07, 2020

Beginning in March, FedEx Express will contract with FedEx Ground for the transport and delivery of select day-definite, residential Express shipments.

Additionally, in my area FedEx Ground isn’t even FedEx, they’re outsourced to a company that has consistently been all over the place (not in a good way) with the way they handle the last mile (speaking from experience). Might also be related (lack of systems integration) to the past unavailability of the delivery manager feature.

We’ll have one more data point soon enough.

Hi @shoestringtheory ,

I finally got a feedback today (Sunday) so it took 7 days to get a reply.
I sent my request last Monday.
I did not open another case, but kept feeding the first: I sent follow up pictures of what I tried on my laptop on Tuesday and Thursday.

Hope this helps and that you also get your reply today!

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