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Hello all,

Regarding Framework opening shipping slowly, one country at a time, would it be possible to have a “Rest of World” option? Something like:“If FexEx will ship it, we’ll post it”. Might be more expensive, need additional insurance or have caveats compared with a custom in-country solution but at least it should be possible.

By the way, what does FrameWork need to ship to a country? An agent on the ground? If there is a list of requirements, maybe we could help.

Best wishes, Max

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Hi @M_Murphy

I think it mostly boils down to fulfilling regulatory requirements, i.e. filing tons of paperwork specific to the local legislature (compliance with electronics safety, with rf regulations for wifi, with Li battery things etc).

Hence there is little we (as in: community) can do, and also the reason for not being able to simply stuff a laptop in a parcel and ship it with FedEx.



As herodot said, it’s not so much matter of shipping or shipping cost. It’s a matter of a company “selling” a product in another country. They have to deal with all the political/regulatory challenges and red tape that goes along with that. Regulations, taxes, sanctions, etc.


And one of the sanctions will be checking with the US Government on ITAR and related regulations, which will be relevant as these are pretty high end performing machines in the laptop world.