Anyone customised the modules for a yubikey?

Basically my laptop is enroute and one of the USB-C ports will always have a yubikey usbc nano inside, this will stick out a few mm.

I was thinking of printing in silver my own cover to keep the sides flush.

The easy option is to plug the dongle directly into the expansion bay and print a blank cover with a hole small enough for my finger to press it from the underside, however this means lifting the laptop and pressing it, but I don’t press them that often tbh.

The other option is to customise a blank module and bridge the gap with some soldered wires to a piece of metal pressed into the outside of the printed module. Not even sure this would work? Is there enough material to solder to the USB-C key?

Has anyone messed with any before?

The way to do it would be to have a custom PCB made. There are many services that produce PCBs for prototyping and hobbyists. is one that people often use. They will even do PCB assembly, which is soldering on components.

I’m guessing you might not want to get into that, though. Over in this thread, people have found USB-C extenders that aren’t quite as long as an expansion card & may work for you.
Full Power Magnetic Charging Card - #229 by MJ1

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