Anyone else getting really bad wifi range?

So I am running arch linux on my diy model (I bought the wifi card that framework sells (no vPRO)) and I’ve noticed that the wifi range is really bad. Like normally I have a strong signal when I’m in my room on my macbook (also running arch) pro, but with my new framework laptop the wifi signal is really weak. I’ve tried unplugging and plugging back in the wifi antennas, I’ve checked for damage and it looks fine, I’ve also tried different antenna routing, but the signal never increases. Anyone else having this issue?

Ensure that both antennas are connect correctly in their correct spaces, sometimes it’s the issue of the router not liking that wifi card.

When you’re attaching the antenna connectors are you feeling a subtle click? I only just got mine and live in a small apartment, but I’ve not seen any problems with signal strength.

Both antennas are corrected in the right spots, and yes they did click when I connected them.

I’m also seeing signal strength max out around 67%, six inches from the AP. It doesn’t drop off too much with distance though, getting 62% two rooms over. I’m on Debian testing, also no-vPro

Any updates on this? I’m returning the laptop because of this issue and I’m looking for any reason not to.

Maybe try windows to go and see if that helps.

It didn’t help. Also, when I’m next to the router the signal is fine.

What is inside of your walls? Brick, wood.

Wood. Also all the other devices in my house (3 other laptops and a few phones) have perfectly fine range. From the exact same location, the framework has about 1/4 to 1/2 the download speed of the other devices. Next to the the router they’re all the same.

Are the antennas correctly installed?

Yeah. I’ve removed/installed a few different wifi modules now, and I’m sure it’s installed correctly (audible click from both wifi cables, also they stay connected / don’t come off easily during the wifi module installation). I’ve also deliberately connected them backwards just to see what would happen and there was virtually no wifi signal at all.

If you mean the antennas themselves, I’m fairly certain they are. Support sent me a replacement antenna kit and I had no issues installing it. Signal / speeds are the same before and after installing the new antenna kit.