Defective Wireless Card

I had posted earlier that the WIFI was poor. On my own I bought a new card.


Wonderful WIFI.

Which one did you buy @Henry_Howey1 ? A link and some performance comparison might be useful to others.


The same one originally ordered. The WIFI 6E. AX210

Did you consider that the antenna attachment might have been the problem…


Anubis is right about the antenna. The connectors, from what I understand, are tiny coaxial cable terminal ends which oftentimes can be poorly attached. With human hands alone it’s easy to do. I speak from experience!


You bought the same Wifi card and have great results? Framework doesn’t make the Wifi card. I would contact them. If your wifi card was defective I know they would help you.

I have 2 Framework laptops, both with the AX210 (no vPro) and they both work flawlessly. I’m sure many users here would echo the same thing.

May I suggest you edit the title of your post to be more informative? Insinuating that Framework sells poor quality parts seems completely unfounded based on the information you’ve shared here.


He might not be able to yet as a new member.

But yes, Framework does not supply “poor parts”

No. Nothing changed except the new card.

In two cases, I replaced the original parts with new purchases. Problem solved.


Just re-posting to make sure the suggestion to contact support is clear. Glad things are working for you!