Wi-Fi Range

Hi All,

I have a new Framework laptop 13 DIY edition (AMD series).
I have noticed that the Wi-Fi range seems to be weaker than any other laptop I have. It’s not horrible, but the signal strength seems to be 15%-20% weaker. I am wondering if there is something wrong with my device or if this is by design?


A lot of the discussion here revolves around constant dropout issues and poor performance. I don’t have any of these issues. I simply have a poor Wi-Fi range as compared to other laptops in my house. It almost seems like more of an antenna issue rather than an issue with the card. Can anyone else confirm similar problems?

Some people have experienced better reception after swapping out their antennas (which had been crushed iirc). You might be willing to try it out since antennas are very cheap, but be careful with the connectors!

My antenna cables are undamaged and the antenna themselves seem perfectly installed, no crinkling or misalignment.

Here I put 4 devices all sitting on top of my desktop very close to each other. If we were splitting hairs the FW and the desktop antenna are the closest to the router with the tablet and smartphones further back (LOS is also obscured by the screen of the FW13).
Router device list

Thanks heaps for your response. This roughly matches the performance loss I am seeing as well. Sounds like it might be a design issue due to antenna placement?

My laptop is brand new and the antenna module is in one piece with no damage. Framework only offers the same module as a replacement. I don’t see why replacing the antenna with exactly the same one would improve anything, unless mine is faulty.
Judging by the other responses in this thread, it would appear more likely that the antenna itself is bottlenecked by its placement inside the device.

I think it is a design issue too, certainly it is not unique to you and I. I don’t know if it’s worth contacting support over aside from to add weight to it being a defect for the next iteration of the FW13.5