Anyone else struggle opening up the lid or is it just me?

Just generally curious. I always fumble trying to open the laptop. Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by macbooks.

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Same here. The lip in front is way too shallow to get a good grip on the lid. It also doesn’t help that the feet are not very grippy so it’s almost impossible to open it without pushing the entire laptop away.

Easiest way I’ve found is to brace the back of the laptop with my other hand while lifting the lid at the center.

Or use both hands at each corner of the lid and lift up like so:
GIF 9-28-21 18-35-04

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I agree that it’s harder to open one-handed than MacBooks or XPS laptops I’ve used, but it’s not terrible. My issue is often that I slide the laptop backward as I try to open it while I’m holding things in my other hand.
It’s a minor issue, though.

Due to the magnets.
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Same here, I find I have to try and shake it open using the back as a pivot point if I’m opening it one handed. It’s not too big of an issue (at least the hinges are stiff unlike what some people have experienced) so I just use two hands: one bracing friction against the side to hold the laptop down and one opening the lid.