Lid is too tight

just got my new DIY 13
Its cool. Pretty much everything I want.
But the lid man…
I feel like i’m in a clam restaurant trying to open it each time.
There’s just no place to grip or stick my thumbs in.
any tips?
I’m thinking of jamming some ducktape in so that it doesn’t close all the way

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It sounds like you might have gotten some hinges that are out of spec. I would contact support.

the hinges move, but i can’t get my thumbs in to move them

Do you use the indent middle front ??. Do not use the corners as you may distort the top over time.

If you use the middle indent, as per design you should be able to lift the top with and finger and the base should remain on the table etc.

Else as above you may have ‘stiff’ hinges and they require replacing under warrnaty and via support.

I’m able to put my thumbnail in the middle and lift with one finger, or else using the pad of one thumb on the top and the pad of my other thumb on the bottom.

I actually really appreciate that framework designed the laptop to include the cutout/lip so it’s easier to open one handed.

Just lifting within this area with thumb works for me.

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I can’t open my framework using the cutout. It’s a combination of a too shallow cutout, the weight of the laptop and the stiffness of the hinges, and maybe the skin of my thumbs (short nails too) ?
I usually lift the screen up by just grabbing the screen on each side with thumbs and index fingers, thumbs on the front, index fingers on the side.
I wouldn’t want to change the hinges as they allow the screen to move a bit too much when walking around with the laptop.

ya, i have absolutely no fingernails

cant open it

I don’t use fingernails, just pressure from the thumb or other finger ??

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