Anyone interest in Laptop lid customization?

Curious if anyone else has an itch to change the lid of the laptop. As much as the framework gear logo is pretty low-key I’d be completely onboard to spend $$$ on an unbranded clean lid.

Any chances that other lids could come down the pipeline?

Other ideas are just general customizations/etches just like how apple allows for some of its products. For example, how cool would it be for me to get the Ubuntu logo instead of the framework logo for my custom linux framework laptop.

Let’s make it happen =)


I don’t have a problem with the logo, but I was thinking of something like a dbrand cover to make the case black instead of grey, while also protecting it. Since the case is meant to last a long time, I figured that this would be a good thing, while also giving me the aesthetic that I am after.

I have done similar things on Microsoft Surface devices.


The back of some of my computers have a sticker from the Shelby American Automobile Club, right where the FrameWork gear will be. I have another sticker, if needed: :wink:

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Like @Edward_Gray said, Stickers. Can cover or decorate almost any logo.


Yeah. I guess I like the simple look of something like this though and would pay a premium for it being unbranded. I saw that the bezel of the screen is also branded and I’ll be looking to cover that up as well. =)

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personally I’m just gonna cover the lid in hacker and opensource stickers.

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Something like little/medium logo on the corner ? For example “framework” + mini logo ?

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The way Chromebooks do the Chrome logo in a corner is fairly discrete, plus smaller logo makes it easier to sneak in a programmable LED for notifications or what have you. Some Thinkpads have a tiny one, though I’d definitely want it configurable to turn off any time for power savings and even more discrete running.

What are the measurements of the lid?

I laser etched my lid on my MacBook Pro Retina back in the day when my friend worked at O’Reilly Media for Make Magazine. I’d love to do some other character on my framework someday!

September 15,2014
Etched my MacBook today. 60 watt at 30% speed and 90% power. Took 50 minutes.


Hear me out here. RGB Framework logo.


The dimensions of the Framework laptop, from a post on laptop bags:

15.85mm x 296.63mm x 228.98mm =
5/8 (.62) in x 11 43/64 (11.67) in. x 9 1/64 (9.01) in.
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Mine will look something like this shortly after I get it, but since 95% of my clients are involved in sustainability as a primary function of their jobs I will be touting the ifixit 10/10 score every time I am in front of an audience!

Upon further consideration, my normal SOP is to cover any logo for any brand that I do not officially represent or personally endorse, so I always cover the logo on my Macs and PCs, but in the case of Framework I actually support the brand and the mission of the company, and I have already been suggesting Framework laptops to friends and clients, so I think in this case (pun intended) I will make an exception and put all my stickers around the Framework logo instead of on top of it. Thank you Framework Team for developing a company and products that I am actually PROUD TO SUPPORT AND ENDORSE! 8^)


I’m actually looking into doing this on my Framework now, but I’m completely new to laser etching. Have you had a chance to customize yours yet? Any tips, tricks, or gotchas? Thanks!

So I tried to make the Apple be not etched onto as Holo was “holding” the Apple, but it was slightly off-center so it did get etched but the monitor was alright. Maybe make a bigger center part you don’t etch? Like use a pattern that has no chance of overlaying the logo? It etched deep into the plastic ya don’t wanna damage the display. Maybe pull the back of it off first if you can? Otherwise, it was fabulous. Didn’t help the resale value but I’ll always own an awesome laptop/display piece ha. Except I just ordered a 14" M1 Pro tonight too, sooo oops! :grimacing: Enjoy tho… Maybe find a makerspace near you so you can have someone help who’s used it before?

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Good information, thanks! I might just put a circular block of something over the logo just in case, I don’t trust my precision Inkscaping so much. And my local makerspace was actually exactly where I was going to go! It’s still a pretty new makerspace in my region, but hopefully the “laser guy” there has some experience with metals. I plan on disassembling the lid as far as I possibly can before lasering, so that should keep the display safe

Also, congratulations on the new M1 Pro! From what I’ve seen and heard those new M1 chips are real beasts

10 core CPU, 16 core GPU. SORTA MAD! :laughing: But whatever. I don’t wanna go on the cart, I’m not dead yet!

This seems like an ideal piece for 3d printing?

It’d be great to have access to some dbrand skins for the laptop.