Anyone interest in Laptop lid customization?

Curious if anyone else has an itch to change the lid of the laptop. As much as the framework gear logo is pretty low-key I’d be completely onboard to spend $$$ on an unbranded clean lid.

Any chances that other lids could come down the pipeline?

Other ideas are just general customizations/etches just like how apple allows for some of its products. For example, how cool would it be for me to get the Ubuntu logo instead of the framework logo for my custom linux framework laptop.

Let’s make it happen =)


I don’t have a problem with the logo, but I was thinking of something like a dbrand cover to make the case black instead of grey, while also protecting it. Since the case is meant to last a long time, I figured that this would be a good thing, while also giving me the aesthetic that I am after.

I have done similar things on Microsoft Surface devices.

The back of some of my computers have a sticker from the Shelby American Automobile Club, right where the FrameWork gear will be. I have another sticker, if needed: :wink:

Like @Edward_Gray said, Stickers. Can cover or decorate almost any logo.


Yeah. I guess I like the simple look of something like this though and would pay a premium for it being unbranded. I saw that the bezel of the screen is also branded and I’ll be looking to cover that up as well. =)

personally I’m just gonna cover the lid in hacker and opensource stickers.

Something like little/medium logo on the corner ? For example “framework” + mini logo ?

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