Gear Logo is cool

I suspected this from the photos, but now that I got my laptop in person I thought I’d mention that the logo is almost identical* to my wife’s old logo for her jewelry business. She used to have a Macbook with her logo sticker on the back in the same spot, so when she saw my computer she was like “hey, that’s my computer!” I’d get her her own, but she just got a new computer earlier this year.

*Don’t worry, Framework peeps, promise to not go after you for licensing fees. She does have a ring though that would be perfect launch gift. :wink:


I’ve always loved that gear logo. Some people would rather have the entire front of the laptop be blank but I think having a gear emblem adds so much more character without going overboard on the geek-iness


I’m a convert on the logo, it does look very nice in person!

The circle in the middle does cry out a little bit to me for some sort of subtle customization, thinking along the lines of epoxying on a thin aluminum disc with a personalized design cut out from it. There is a service on which I mocked up a 25mm x 25mm disc of 1mm thickness that comes to ~$5 but the minimum order is $30. If five other folks want to make svgs of designs within a 25mm-diameter circle we could go in together?

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But is it a gear? Or a Torx head… :slight_smile:

Could be a Security Torx - I sure hope Framework doesn’t start using these!

Somewhat frivolous but I think the outcome is decent and wanted to share, I went ahead and placed an order to laser cut an aluminum piece and fixed it to the center of the logo on the laptop cover:

The piece was originally 1mm thick but I think the sanding brought it down to something like 0.7-ish mm (don’t have calipers handy to check), which doesn’t seem to bother the sleeve much.