Anyone test external Laptop Battery packs yet?

I picked up the ZMI PowerPack 20K Pro (from the Wirecutter article). It works great with the framework. It’s totally fine that it’s “only” 60 watts (for this use case 60 watts is overkill)

The laptop uses less than 30 watts. When you plug it in, the laptop powers itself first (and any extra power goes to charge the battery). So you could get by with any power bank that outputs 30 watts or more. (as far as I know)

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I’ve found anything from 16W output up will charge a Framework (especially when switched off). It’s just down to how fast you want it to charge.

16W alone will hold a charge when idle. I’m using a Anker 30W charger in my laptop bag and that will hold the charge when under full load.

Don’t worry too much about the 65W thing.

The official Framework power adapter is 60W.

An FYI. I have an “Egoway” 100w powerbank with USB-C PD output and when I used it with my Framework, it did work to get it charged up - but the powerbank got HOT, so I won’t be doing that again!

I have the Anker PowerCore and it seems to work pretty well. It has 45w power delivery which isn’t as much as the wall plug, but is still pretty good for a battery pack.

Pricey, but it supports charging my framwork over the USB-c port and even while actively using the laptop it was still charging the battery. Only thing to watch out for is that you need a proper cable. The one that comes with it works, but some of my other cables didn’t work right. Also, the laptop thinks its plugged in so I had mine set to run in full power mode by default when connected, which drained battery faster than in “battery” mode. So manually changing power settings is required to get getter battery life.


For those with these high wattage external batteries, are you able to run the laptop purely off the external battery with the internal disconnected? I’ve seen conflicting reports accross the community wrt how much power the laptop really draws, so I’m curious if, for example, the 45w batteries can power the laptop given the right bios configuration.

For more context, I plan on using an external battery to power the mainboard by itself, for use in projects much like you can do with a raspi. I was origanally planning to adapt a 6s LiPO to usb-c using some sort of Xt60-usbcPD trigger board (which itself is a neat expansion card idea), but it looks like the batteries in this thread may be more economical (and also significantly safer for both me and the mainboard).

if you run the system without a battery on a small charger, like a 45W charger you may see significant throttling, or will not be able to support multiple power hungry type-c devices and the system will shut down.

To get the best performance in that mode, you’ll want a higher wattage power adapter (100W if possible).

This was on sale recently:
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“Portable” is relative…