External battery pack issues

I’m curious if anyone else has run into similar issues that I’m seeing. My laptop can’t seem to make up its mind if it will take a charge from an external battery pack or not.

With only USB C or A modules installed, sometimes my battery will charge the laptop, other times it tries to take a charge FROM the laptop (battery only has one USB C port for both charging itself and PD devices).

The battery supports 65W PD charging and is basically brand new, and while I suppose it could just be a dud, I did notice the same behavior on another PD battery.

Battery in question: Amazon.com

It was recommended that when running the mainboard outside of the Framework laptop enclosure and without the battery, that a 100W source was necessary. It could be that your battery is simply not providing enough juice during use to meet the charging and active use threshold.

What I have noticed is when using a battery pack that only outputs 5v @ 3A max, my battery was being charged but only when in standby or off. When on, it did nothing.

Yeah you might be on to something about it not pushing enough juice when the laptop is on. I just find it odd that it doesn’t happen every time, and sometimes will work as intended if I switch ports on the laptop.

It would be nice if we could tune the charge rate in bios.