Is it possible to order a Framework from another country?

I’m from Italy, I’d like to order a Framework. It’s not a problem to have a different keyboard layout. Is it possible to preorder it from another country (Austria, Germany)?
Let me know, thank you,


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Please don’t, for your own protection:

Note this is not a slight against your country or anything like that - it’s just that it’s really complicated for reasons @Twistgibber outlines in that thread. Even within the EU, if freight forwaded shipments get caught by customs, Framework could be in a lot of trouble, and that might mean no one in your country would be able to get one for a long time.

Believe me, the company really wants to!

Now, of course, if it was delivered to an address or a postal box within a supported country, no one will ever find out. You’d have to do any support via that address too though. Still, fancy a trip?


First of all, thank you for the quick answer. Actually you just gave me a great idea: my brother lives in France, so I can ship it to him and go get it (I have to see him anyway). About the support, I repair PCs so that won’t be a problem. I’ll wait a little bit more, but your solution remains a good idea.


Sounds like a great idea! You get to see your brother, you get to travel, you get a nice gift for yourself…

By that I mean if they have to send you a replacement part under warranty, they won’t be able to send it to you directly.


Yeah, I see. Well, I think I could handle it. Thank you for the support.

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