Are extention cards basically adapters?

I’m really exited to get a framework laptop but I’m using Luna display for windows witch is a hdmi d’ongle and it’s NOT compatible with any adapter. You have to plug it directly into an hdmi port in order to work.

So my question really is : is the hdmi card works the same as the native hdmi port?


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I hadn’t heard of the Luna Display, so I googled it, and found this page which is a little less absolute:

We highly recommend plugging Luna directly into a compatible port on your Mac or Windows PC. Not every adapter uses the same communication protocols as our hardware, so we cannot guarantee that Luna will work with every adapter, hub, or dock setup. Using Luna with any adapters, hubs, or docks would be at your own discretion.

As I understand it, some USB-C ports (including the Framework’s) support “DisplayPort Alt Mode” which (I think! Not an expert!) just sends raw DisplayPort data across USB-C pins, perhaps after some negotiation. The Framework HDMI expansion is a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter.

So, yes, the expansion cards (except for USB-C, which is just a straight electrical pass-through) are all adapters. However, I’d be kind of surprised if the Luna display dongle doesn’t work with the HDMI expansion card.


OK my bad. I think it ‘s just written that it’s not compatible on the documentation leaflet that comes with the Luna display so I guess that’s why I was so absolute. Well good to know then, I’m looking forward to get a framework. That’s basically the laptop i’ ve been waiting for the last 7 years.

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