Availability for Switzerland

After several years, there is still no delivery option available for Switzerland, and a Swiss keyboard is not offered. The lack of updates and a missing estimated time of arrival (ETA) is becoming increasingly confusing.

Have there been any updates or information provided on this matter thus far?

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Unfortunately, Framework is not able to provide an estimated time of arrival for new countries. Each country is different and it’s not possible to know how long things will take. Sometimes there are bureaucratic delays. But countries don’t appreciate it if a company makes delays or problems with the process known.


Yes, and in Switzerland technical certifications are quite thorough and mostly confidential until validation criterias are reached. It can be a pain, but in fine it’s for the better.

(Personnaly, I would like to know, at least, if the certification process is in progress or not…)


I’ve given up and couldn’t wait any longer to buy a new notebook. I really wanted to buy both 13 and 16 inch devices, but I really had to buy a new one.

So I bought a Dell XPS 15 and I’m happy with it. Of course, the concept is not the same. But I already had the previous model from 2017 and was very satisfied with it until the end.

What I don’t understand is why it’s not available in Switzerland. Actually, the regulations here are mostly comparable with the EU area and since our neighboring countries are already all served, I don’t understand what the problem is… Anyway, it’s a real shame for Framework and for Switzerland!


That’s the problem right there. Comparable isn’t the same as the same regulations, and I don’t mean equivalent either.

Whatever regulations and requirements Switzerland needs must be satisfied, not just say “but it meets EU requirement” unless the Swiss authorities accept that and there aren’t then any others.

You know, it may seem like including Switzerland is a challenge, but it’s definitely possible. :wink: Many companies successfully incorporate Switzerland into their operations. The issue appears to be with Framework. In my opinion, it seems that Framework lacks interest in Switzerland and doesn’t give it the necessary priority. This might be why we haven’t heard any news about it.

An important detail in this is that these companies often have hundreds if not thousands of employees. Framework is a company with less than 50 employees globally. Therefore, expansions are difficult, ignoring the regulatory hoops they have to jump through.

An easy example to illustrate this is Framework has been selling Japanese, Korean, and Latin American keyboards for a while. Based on this, you’d think it’s only natural for them to sell in these countries however, that’s not the case.

Another factor is they may be prioritizing larger markets that they perceive to be more profitable.


Unfortunately, I don’t understand why Framework doesn’t export to Switzerland or acquire a strong domestic partner (e.g. digitec, brack, microspot).
I’m currently working on a 12-year-old X1 Carbon with 8 GB RAM - and will definitely need a new notebook this year. Too bad it (probably) can’t be a Framework…

I’ll wait until July. Keep up the good work!

Welcome to the real world, where things take time, cost money and don’t just magically instantly happen.

There is still no reliable information, that’s exactly what is confusing. Some are still waiting. But for how long until we choose your competitors product? Welcome to the real world, where customers don’t want to waste time and spend their money on non magic stuff. :wink:

That’s fine, you are free to do that.

The issue is less probably linked to “Not Exporting to CH” (they would just say “No Framework in CH” and not staying silent as they are currently) and more probably linked to “Well… There is a bunch of hoops and loops to go through before even talking to a local partner”…

And I’m also in the situation where I’ll need a new personal laptop in a not to far future…

tbh, I don’t even care about a “swiss keyboard”… I prefer ANSI US over the trainwreck of a layout that we are stuck with… would be really nice to hear if they at least have plans to make it available sometime soon-ish, especially given how much effort they go through to prevent people from ordering through package forwarding services

I’m also stuck with two old laptops I’d like to replace before they go boom, so it would definitely be nice to have them available in Switzerland and it would be very nice to at least get an official statement if there are some concrete plans in a foreseeable future or not. If there’s no chance for 2024 anyway, I’d have to buy other laptops but prefer to know it before the end of the year…

Another Swiss here that is interested in the product. First look a year or two ago and now in search of a laptop for my daughter (and myself). Too bad there is no official support for Switzerland as of today. I acknowledge that Switzerland is not the biggest market, but its inhabitants tend to have money and are willing to spend it (especially if it is cool and sustainable) :wink: The comments above indicate that at least some individuals have a great interest (and like an alternative to the big players). Thus, looking forward for it :wink:
PS: I don’t care about Swiss keyboard layout, but probably my daughter.

Swiss people, assemble!

I see there is a lot of demand coming from Switzerland. I created this form so Frame.work sees we are interested in it:

Feel free to share to your friends and family. The evaluation of the demand is visible after the completing the form.

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I know the form was made with good intentions however, I would caution against this. Framework already has a way for gauging interest for a particular country. You can do so by selecting your country in the main page and signing up. Secondly, whoever fills out this form is risking their PII being exposed to a stranger.

Apart from this, expanding to countries is complicated even if the demand is there. There is a lot of regulatory loop holes that Framework needs to jump through.


Thanks a lot for the hint regarding the sign-up. I guess you meant the following:

(I actually did this without realizing).

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in the mean time, I’ve ordered in China a replacement mainboard for my old Thinkpad W520, it should arrive today :slight_smile: