Shipping to Switzerland

Will this laptop be shipped to Switzerland? Both my own address in Switzerland and my postbox in Germany were rejected, saying they are not valid addresses. I can guarantee that I entered the correct information. Any information?


Shipping is not open over there.

since framework has opened shipping to Germany, Austria and France only Italy is missing to complete the isolation (with Liechtenstein). I wouldn’t mind a German notebook. I would want the clear ISO layout anyway.
I have a hard time grasping the difficulties involved in opening shipping to Switzerland since French and German versions are available. This would cover a large chunk of the potential Swiss market.

Patiently waiting to order my framework laptop with my eight year old Asus notebook for about 10 months now (wifimodule failing :frowning: ) . Using a PO Box in Germany is not possible because the billing address can’t be in Switzerland.

I would like to ask whether the laptop will ever come to CH?
Thanks for letting me know. Cheers guys.

just saw that italien ISO is coming soon. that would cover the three major languages of Switzerland. I am hopeful.

I’m in the same boat, but since Germany is an option now, I will order it to our branch in Germany… (if you want Olivier, I could help you out…)

Edit: I’m waiting on the clear keyboard options before ordering :laughing:


Dear Framework pls make the Framework laptop avaible in Switzerland. I wish to have one in next months


Me too. I just need a new laptop and I would like to buy framework but it’s not available in switzerland…

I use swiss french as a keyboard but if it’s too expensive to produce i can use something else


I live in France, just next to Geneva. If somebody want a help I guess I can do it.
Still waiting for mine though (since mid of July), so it is a longer cooperation;)

I already bought one in Germany a year ago. Still waiting for shipping to Switzerland for my wife.

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Hi all

I am in the same boat as all here.
@ Framework: When will the ordering for Switzerland available?

Kind regards

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@framework, so, how much time should we wait for a Switzerland availability ? Is there anything we can do to help the process ? It’s frustrating because I can buy a System76 form here, but not a Framework Laptop, and I really don’t understand why.


You can buy one in Germany and import it yourself to Switzerland. Please consult the customs. Sadly you can’t get German MwSt reimbursed. A friend imported my Framework laptop for me. He has stronger nerves than me.

I really would prefer to have it delivered to me at my home.

Please note that by using Freight Forwarding you will void the warranty. Any claim will have to go by the original buyer and address.

And of course that means you have no recourse to support if you haven’t tested it in Germany before forwarding as Framework cannot guarantee it wasn’t damaged by your forwarding.

Freight forwarding was always contentious and promoting or discussing it is now banned on the forum.

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I didn’t discuss freight forwarding. I agree, what I did is similar to freight forwarding (getting it in Germany and import yourself).

I really hope that Framework offer delivery to Switzerland soon, because the work-around I did more than a year ago was nasty.

Sorry! It is urgently asked for here in Switzerland! Please, please, please, please deliver to Switzerland! Please! And again, sorry!

Any claim will have to go by the original buyer and address.

This aspect is not really a problem, because I have German delivery address, as many Swiss do have, because it is often cheaper to have things delivered in Germany, and sometimes, like for the Framework, the only option.

This is not freight forwarding. I had it delivered to my own German address and then I fetched it from there and imported it myself. It’s somewhat like I bought it in a shop in Germany and gave the shop my German delivery address. I am the owner and the delivery address is mine. But this is tedious to organize. Again: please deliver to Switzerland!

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If you have a legitimate residential or business address in Germany and payment information with German billing, this may be okay, keeping in mind the difficulty of claiming warranty. However, if you used a package drop-off/holding service/PO box or had to enter a false billing address that does not match what is actually on file for your card, that is still unsupported and considered freight forwarding.

Per Framework’s cross-platform rule against discussing freight forwarding, I’ll be closing this thread now. The best way for you to make your request known is by registering your interest at Framework | Fix Consumer Electronics by selecting your country and entering your email address to be notified when Framework expands to your region.

Please note that Framework does not support freight forwarding to unsupported countries as they do not have the authority to sell or ship their products to any countries/regions outside of their officially supported country/region list located here: What countries and regions do you ship to?. If individuals proceed by entering invalid/incorrect billing information, their order will be subject to cancellation/refund, and their payment method may be subject to blacklist. If the order does proceed, they are acknowledging that Framework is not responsible for anything that may happen as a result of not utilizing Framework’s direct shipping to a supported country/region, and that they are fully accountable for any additional costs incurred, or documentation required. Additional information can be found in the Framework Terms of Sale and the Framework Limited Warranty documentation

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