Availability of spare screws, or list of screws used

Is there a way for me to order spare screws, either from frame.work or from 3rd parties? I stripped one of the keyboard shield screws and I’m looking to replace it.

As a side note, the fact that the keyboard was so easily removable was a huge help… I spilled yoghurt all over the keyboard, which would have been very difficult to clean out otherwise.


I would love to see a set of spare screws added to the Marketplace.


I want that as part of Framework’s marketing.


The chassis itself actually contains a few extra screws:

Is that one of the screws you stripped?


@Daniel_Gagnon Yeah, its not really the first thing you think about for repairability but its true. My GF spilled water on her macbook keyboard before and it was a nightmare to clean/dry out, especially since the water seeped into the main chassis, in between heatsink fins, etc. If I spilled any kind of dairy product onto a macbook, I’d be very tempted to just throw it out rather than spend the day painstakingly removing every yoghurt-covered component from the chassis just to access the keyboard.

@feesh Unfortunately it doens’t look like any of the included spares match these particular screws. The screws holding the keyboard (and the metal shield) to the input cover have a tiny phillips head and an extremely short and narrow shank.

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Ah I see. There is a spare for each of the two PH0 keyboard fasteners located near the battery connector:

PS: for reference there is a Fasteners Guide that details the specs of all fasteners used and the location of any spares