Cooler Master Case Screws

Received the case last weekend and it looks great (albeit is a fingerprint magnet). The installed case screws on my case were installed overtightened. I was able to get most of them out with a little extra elbow grease but the head on one of them stripped on the first rotation using the screwdriver. These screws seem less durable than the ones from I was able to get it out with a HEX bit but it’s not going back in. I would be wary of opening and closing the case due to the screws. Perhaps this is something that can be addressed in a future revision or maybe I just received a bad batch of screws.

I appreciate you sharing your experience with the users here, but I would also recommend you send a message to Framework Support! They would probably be very interested in sending this feedback to the team at cooler master, and they may even be able to help you get a replacement screw!

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I also stripped two screws from the case. I have an open support ticket with Framework to try to get some replacement screws. This is the first time I stripped a torx screw while unscrewing.

Luckily I was able to remove it using a size larger T-6.

@fpreto Support told me that the screws were not supposed to be preinstalled and have since had to revise their guide for the case. They are still awaiting replacement screws for my open ticket but said it may be a bit since it is a 3rd party product.

I think the screws were overtightened, and potentially lesser quality. I’ve never stripped a screw with a manual screwdriver before.