Batch 5 DIY keyboard not working

Got my batch 5 DIY laptop and the keyboard does not respond to any input. I was reading through this post with a similar issue, which I believe was solved by making sure the ribbon cable was secure in both locations. I followed step 7 and 8 from the input cover replacement guide but with no luck. The touchpad is working just fine though!

I submitted a support request ticket but haven’t heard back :frowning_face: Anyone have any suggestions on how to further debug? Or does this sound like I need a replacement keyboard/input cover?

Maybe try carefully disconnecting and re-connecting the ribbon cable at both ends to ensure it is making a good connection.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I tried that a number of times(very carefully!) with no luck.

Bummer. Hopefully Framework support gets you sorted out.

LIkewise! I’ve heard very good things I submitted a ticket yesterday but haven’t heard anything back yet. I imagine they’ve got a lot of support requests coming in with Batch 5, but a bit bummed out I haven’t been able to use the laptop yet. I got everything setup with an external keyboard, but that doesn’t help me when I want to use it on the couch :laughing:

Bumping this in hopes someone from the team can help. Still no response from my support ticket. This is really a bummer to have a pretty much unusable laptop and not be able to get at least an acknowledgement from the support team.


This is a useful topic you’ve started here, @Mark_Poko. But it’s less useful to leave it hanging. We don’t know whether support came back and resolved this for you (and what the problem was) or did you throw the Framework laptop out of the window and buy a Dell? If you’re still around, I’d love to know the end of the story.


My keyboard just stopped working today as well all of a sudden. I am running Win 11, DIY edition. I am currently running 3.10 bios and the latest drivers. Fingerprint, mousepad, external keyboard seems to work but just keyboard is dead all of a sudden. Other than opening up the unit when first got it, I had never opened it since.

edit: 30 mins later after I made this post. I thought what the heck let me try rearrange the expansion cards and see. So I took out all 4 cards (1 USB-C, 1 HDMI and 2 USB-A). I swap the cards from left to right and vice versa, and so now USB-C is now on the right side next to the power/fingerprint button. Bingo! The keyboard magically started to work again. Don’t ask me why and the strange thing is that none of the expansion cards were lose in any way.