Keyboard not working DIY Framework 16

I just got done setting up my DIY Framework 16 (Batch 7), and after installing Windows and updating all the drivers, unfortunately the keyboard is not working.

I used this guide for setting up my laptop: Framework Laptop 16 DIY Edition Quick Start Guide - Framework Guides

There are only a few keys that work (see attached screenshot from keyboard tester). I’ve tried installing the keyboard on the left as well as the center, I’ve also tried disconnecting and reconnecting the mid plate cable, and it’s always the same small set of keys that are working.

I’ve also attached the back of the keyboard which AFAICT looks fine. Appreciate the help getting this resolved!

Hey there, not sure what went wrong here but I strongly suggest you to contact our support team, they can help you with the troubleshooting (and the part replacement if needed).

Yeah I submitted a support ticket at the same time, but figured it was best to also ask the community to see if there are any known issues. Outside of this one hiccup, loving it so far!

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Which keyboard tester did you use? I’m in the process of installing the drivers and I hope that will make all the keys work but so far only a few work

Yeah, not all keys are working. I’ve contacted support. has a keytester. Stethoscope icon at the top.

The keyboards don’t require extra drivers just for standard functioning.

You could try resetting the keyboard.

You can reset / clear the memory by remapping a key to QK_CLEAR_EEPROM, then pressing that key. Note, this will erase any changes you’ve made in Via (

  1. Go to
  2. Select a key to remap by clicking on it, the key will start to slowly flash
  3. In the key selection area below, click on the Special section
  4. Select the Any keycode, found at the bottom
  5. Enter QK_CLEAR_EEPROM and press Confirm
  6. On the keyboard, press the key you just remapped
  7. Reload for it to show the change

I gave it a try but it’s still the same

Probably a hardware issue then. Maybe you can skip some troubleshooting with support and save time if you tell them you already tried a QK_CLEAR_EEPROM reset.

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Here’s an update on the issue: I tried the QK_CLEAR_EEPROM solution, but no such luck. Working with framework support and provided the following information:

  • Confirmed there were no major hardware or software changes on my end.
  • Confirmed that everything else was functional (wifi, charging, bluetooth, webcam, microphone, audio output, external keyboard, touchpad, fingerprint reader, and speakers)
  • Pictures of: entire laptop externals from different angles, underside of the input module, the entire midplate showing the pogo pins, midplate connector and its socket on the mainboard.
  • Video highlighting the issue with the keyboard.

After all of this, they came to the conclusion there is a need to replace the keyboard module. But they did specifically mention on Apr 8 (3 days ago):

We’ve escalated your ticket for replacement processing and one of our staff will be back with you soon with additional instructions.
Please note that our RMA and Repair team is currently experiencing high contact volume and response times have been impacted, resulting in minor delays. Thanks for your patience while our team works through requests as quickly as possible.

So I’m still waiting on hearing from their RMA and Repair team. I’ll post an update once I get a response so others are aware of potential wait times if they run into this issue as well.


Not including the weekend the RMA team took about 3 days to get back to me after getting past the barrage of photos the support team wanted :roll_eyes:. So they must have a lot of issues at the moment. My replacement laptop was issued straight away by the RMA team though and dispatched not long after, should be here next week (approx 2-3 days travel time to the UK).

I’d say you are waiting about 3-5 working days for a replacement if it has to come from the factory in Taiwan depending on how good your local delivery is.

I’m also waiting to hear from the RMA and Repair team

Our part replacement team has a bit of a backlog at the moment, so we appreciate your patience while they work their way through the requests.

Totally understand there’s a backlog, but some level estimates would be really helpful and provide a better user experience.

Current status from what has been communicated with me:

2024-04-08 Received confirmation that framework is going to send a replacement keyboard module and they have escalated my ticket, but did warn that RMA and repair team are experiencing high contact volume and response times have been impacted
2024-04-11 Received an email with instructions for returning the bad keyboard module once I receive my replacement
2024-04-12 Received an email with a USPS tracking number stating the package will leave their warehouse shortly
2024-04-16 I sent an email stating that the tracking number shows that the shipping label was created, but they’re still awaiting the item, and asked for an update on when to expect this to ship.

Again I want to reiterate that I know these kinds of things happen for first generation products, and all of that is understandable. The thing I’m trying to advocate for (by being transparent with my own experience) is to have better levels of communication and provide some level estimates so I don’t keep checking a tracking number multiple times a day.

Hey, thank you for sharing the timeline! my understanding is that you will not be receiving another email once the item ships from the warehouse and you might have to check the tracking every now and then.

I was a bit worried when you mentioned 4/12 but then I realised that the label was created on Friday and today is tuesday.

I believe the backlog is on the repair/part replacement side, if you have already received the tracking number, you must not be affected by it at this point.

That being said, if you don’t see any movement on the tracking number by thursday, please let me know and I’ll check with the team.

Thank you so much!