Batch 8 Guild

Haha I once had a courier which will remain nameless stuff a “you were not in” note through the letterbox as their first and only interaction with the front door.

I was sat in the room at the timby the time I’d opened the front door they were already in their van and pulling away.

If I get an expected date for thw framework I intend to sit by the door with it unlocked ready to open :sweat_smile:

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I believe I’m a batch 8 (no idea. I’m in the USA).
Just ordered mine with some nice specs


CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-1135G7
Storage: 500GB - WD_BLACK™ SN750 NVMe™
Memory: 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3200
WiFi: Intel® Wi-Fi 6E AX210 No vPro®
US keyboard
Power Adapter - US/Canada

I hope to get it as soon as possible :slightly_smiling_face:

I dont think there are any batches in the us anymore.

Interesting because I got a notification saying it’ll ship next week.

maybe I’m missing something here lol. :thinking:

In the Scaling up infrastructure post Framework announced that their North America shipments were moving towards shipping on demand instead of in big bang batches

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Ah that’s nice. Thanks I didn’t see that lol.

Got stuck in customs. Just opened a support ticket.

It’s even getting better:

"Further Detail

A delivery was attempted, however the hotel has refused to accept shipment before the guest has checked-in."

I’m no hotel or a guest in a hotel.


Does anyone know what “Depot Scan” is?
Like what kind of step is that?

@DeliriousTarnish I am currently on the same status, judging from here Batch 8 Guild - #331 by Thomas_Smith it means it is still before being cleared for export.

2022-02-24 11:45:26 UnitedKingdom, Unbagged Shipment Received


I got that too, what does “unbagged” mean

Thanks, thats weird since I had the “check weight” in the beginning …

My order is also "Unbagged Shipment Received” … Next step is “placed at angle ready for pickup” :laughing:

Edit: unbagged shipment received is a UK update so this is actually good progress. However, why DPD haven’t told me it’s in the country is beyond me!?

Are you getting the “unbagged shipment received” on hub-ez? Mine still says:

2022-02-25 17:21:50 Taiwan, Order Created

a week after shipping. I’m getting frustrated now. It would be nice to see some progress at least!

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OK scratch that! If I track through the framework website order, which wasn’t working before, I get the “unbagged shipment received.” Directly through hub-ez it hasn’t updated.

Progress at last :grinning:

No luck here. For multiple days already the status is stuck at Order Created and Order Printed

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The hub-ez website is a bit weird in that regard.
You basically have to reload the whole page and then “unfold” the details with the “Track” button again.
The “Track” button simply seems to unfold details and nothing else.
No “update”, “fold”, “whatever functionality” :slight_smile:

Ah ok that works! Thanks for the info!