Battery Disconnect bug resolved?

I remember someone posting a couple of months ago that there was a problem with the battery disconnect feature in the bios and that it would not preserve upon restart?

It seems this bug has been fixed. I have a dual boot (Windows/Fedora 35) DIY i5 that I got yesterday and the feature is working just fine. The bios seems to remember the setting every time I restart.

Whenever I am on my desk (which is 5 out of 7 days) I can disconnect the battery and keep it at 50% charge and when I need to travel I can just top it up and take it with me! So cool. Now I can preserve charge cycles!.


Interesting, but I thought the point of that feature was for the battery connection to resume as soon as power was reattached - as you say it was doing before.

The team mentioned it was designed as a way to temporarily minimise shorting risk when working on the mainboard, not as a way to power the laptop without drip charging.

Maybe it has been altered due to the community demand for a fixed disconnection/misunderstanding of the original feature

We have not changed the battery disconnect feature in 3.06. The battery will be disconnected until the next time the AC is reconnected, when the battery will be reconnected.
If you want to disconnect the battery, you should unplug it.

Are there still plans for that you be a latched setting in the future? It definitely fits into the goal of reducing e-waste by increasing battery longevity


I would love to see a software/firmware tool that could prevent the battery from charging, as well as set charging limits (like only charge to 80%) which maybe better then a latched option. When disabling charging, I would think it would be smart to automatically re-enable charging when detaching then replacing the AC-adapter.

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