Battery Disconnect Workaround

So I did some experimentation with the battery disconnect feature, and here is what I found. If you enable it in BIOS and you are not plugged into AC. The next time you connect AC, it will reattach the battery.

If you enable it in BIOS and you are currently connected to AC, you can turn your laptop on and it will act as if you are only plugged in and there is no battery.
Not: in this state, it you unplug your Framework when it is still on, it will shut off immediately.

If you shut down and restart, ad long as you do not unplug and reattach your AC, the battery will not reconnect.

Framework team, is there any unforseen risk to the battery if this method is used?


What BIOS version are you running?

I am using BIOS version 3.06 Beta