Battery Drain from Fan Reving in sleep mode

Framework 13 Intel 1240p Windows 11 16gb ram. I uploaded the BIOS and disabled S0 modern standby and turned off everything except for iCloud Drive during boot. I looked through the battery usage and it flags the highest battery usage as idling form lid closed? I believe it’s when the fan is rev-ing up when the lid is closed, which is confusing because I assumed the lid closed defaults to S3 sleep state.

I tried looking around, but don’t think anyone has answered this question yet.

If your fan is spinning when the lid is closed, the laptop is not sleeping. It doesn’t matter that you have set it to S3 or disabled S0ix: it is not sleeping :slight_smile:


I see. Is it possible it’s hardware issue with the lid closed officially going to sleep? I saw someone mentioned they had an issue with closed lid != sleep on an AMD machine, but i’m not sure why that’s happening to my windows 10 machine.

For context, the screen does turn dark upon closure

Anything magnetic near the left side, around the audio jack? Ir could have tripped a bogus “lid open” event.

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Nope, nothing magnetic to trip it. The only time I catch it seems to when the laptop seems a bit warm, I close the lid and put it into my bag, then then it seems to rev up an insane amount.
I thought it might’ve been a virus mining, but I had a fresh install so I honestly am not sure what might be the issue.