Battery life for 13 inch laptop AMD version

Hi, I am so excited about the AMD option.
Can you guys please estimate the battery life of 13 inch framework laptop with AMD version?

I saw this statement from LINK

One cornerstone of Apple silicon is energy efficiency, and in that area, AMD claims the new AMD Ryzen 7040 series will offer 30+ hours of video playback in ultrathin notebooks.

So it is true that we should expect AMD version of framework laptop has very long battery life?


What do I know, very little, is 30h likely? I’d say very unlikely. Would you get 10 hours, very unlikely, 9 I doubt it, 8 maybe.


I’d bet the 30h number is probably assuming an otherwise impeccably efficient device and a 99Wh battery.

Framework laptops are not otherwise impeccably efficient though, We’ve got power bleeding to the swappable ports, we have upgradeable RAM, a nice bright screen, etc. and framework batteries are just over half the 99Wh limit imposed by airlines.

I think amoun is probably on the right track, we’ll probably have less than a third of what AMD’s marketing wants you to think.

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Not quite that bad. The ports are fine and take no power. It’s just some of the expansion cards that require to be ‘on’ in order to respond to connected devices; namely the USB A and video/HDMI etc. extpansion cards.

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