Would the Intel Core i5-1340P or the AMD Ryzen 5 764OU be better for light gaming?

I want to buy a Framework laptop to use at school and play some games when I am not at home and can’t access my PC. Would the Intel Core i5-1340P or the AMD Ryzen 5 764OU have better performance in games, considering they are the same price? Also, would both last a 6 hour schoolday and then the afternoon without charging?

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AMD will have a much better iGPU, for AMD battery life, none of us know but Intel probably will last the school day but not afternoon, I’m seeing 5-6 hour battery life on my laptop (win10)

So I would definitely lean towards the Ryzen 5 7640U of the two. Its internal graphics is AMD Radeon™ 760M, which is super roughly on par with a 1050ti ish. Battery life? I don’t know about the newer 61wh battery, but, I wouldn’t expect it to last a super long time on battery (with light browsing you could erk out 7 hours? with a battery upgrade you could erk out 10 hours of life?)
(a quick screenshot of the framework laptop battery test done in a livestream a while ago comparing battery life of 12th gen and 13th gen laptop versions. My own battery lasts around 5 hours at most with 11th gen)

With that said, i wouldn’t expect to game heavily on that. If you want to actually game on light games semi decently I would suggest the Ryzen 7 which has a Radeon 780M which is more around a 1650 in performance equivalent. (But I would definitely lean away from intel unless you have an eGpu, but still lean towards the ryzen 5 at that budget point)

also note that these numbers come from the i7 variants, not the i5, so the numbers could be different on the i5 variants.


Josh_Cook, Do you have the 55W or the 61W battery?

55wh battery

If, later, you want to step it up - say over a holiday break - consider something like the Nvidia cloud gaming solution - or one of their many competitors, Google some cloud gaming services, there’s a few options now. A few bucks tossed their way will let you game on cloud hardware. I’ve tried it on legacy gear with 100mbps link; very little latency. In Australia they partner with “Pentanet”, who only offer 1080p - a bit of a bummer with my 4k screen, but graphics settings were all Ultra with high fps. Your mileage will vary in other countries. But worth keeping that idea in your back pocket if you have a month or so with more time to play, but not so much money to dump on gaming hardware.

Cloud gaming services are generally great for short-term engagement at relatively low cost. But if you’re gaming steadily for years, it will be cheaper to buy gaming hardware than pay to use theirs.